Well-designed and utilized banners are an important part of your marketing and branding efforts. The key is to think big, think ahead, and design a variety of banners that are intentionally used to increase your ROI by attracting high-quality prospects and buyers.

Banners 101: It’s not a one-and-done investment

Many newer businesses envision banners and immediately think of one-and-done investments, such as those you see advertising one-time-only sales or that include time-sensitive information pertaining to a tradeshow or specific event.

In fact, there is a wide range of banner types – both large and small – so you’re wise to enlist the support of large format printing experts who can help you optimize the best bang for your banner buck.

The first priority when learning how to use banners is to know when to be small, and when to go big.

Small banners

Small banners are typically used for those one-and-done moments we referenced above. They’re an affordable way to advertise the launch of a new product, service or to call attention to a one-time sale or event. To keep costs down, your graphic design and print team can discuss options such as less durable materials, simplifying fonts or graphic options since the banners must be thrown away or recycled later on.

More often, we print small banners that businesses creatively use over and over again. Small and timeless banners are easier to move around, so they work well in locations where your business wants to call a little extra attention to itself without obstructing a walkway or road and to comply with a commercial HOA, business park’s, strip mall’s CC&Rs or a community’s signage regulations.

Large banners

Large banners are more expensive, which is why most small- to medium-sized business owners use them for permanent installations or for seasonal events that take place year after year. Again, the use of timeless fonts, appealing color palettes, and more general wording means larger banners can go anywhere you need them to develop brand recognition both locally and elsewhere

5 Common Ways to Use Promotional Banners

Here are five of the most common ways businesses use banners to call attention to their location, name, brand, products, services, and events.

1. Let them know, “We are here!”

First and foremost, banners are another call-to-attention for prospects and customers, letting them know, “We are here!” The International Signage Association (ISA) found that 50% of consumers state a business’s on-site signage is how they found out the business existed. The ISA’s research also found a 7% increase in sales can equal more than a 120% increase in profits. So, while your website, social media, and mail campaigns are valuable, well-designed banners and signs could be even more valuable to your company’s bottom line.

Your business’s new banners call attention to the company’s name, logo, and brand –as well as its physical location. This latter point is especially important if you’ve just relocated to a new space.

2. Instant signage wherever you go

when to use banners

Does your business tend to show up at off-site locations – be they career fairs, tradeshows, community events, charity fundraisers, etc.? Banners are collapsible, portable, easy-to-store when broken down – and travel with you anywhere you go. If you spend time marketing in outdoor locations, spend extra for high-quality, weatherproof materials that can handle the elements and still look as fresh as the day you picked them up from the printer.

3. Table and countertops

when to use banners

Falling into the smallest of the small banner category, table and countertop banners call extra attention to your company’s name and logo. These are good to have around relevant locations in your brick-and-mortar location(s), but they are also smart to have with you when participating in off-site marketing opportunities and events.

4. Attract attention with banners attached to flex-blade backpacks

Engaging banners and flex-blade backpacks are to your employees what vehicle wraps are to your motorized fleet. Sending employees or reps out with these banners keeps your brand – quite literally – heads above the rest, attracting attention wherever they walk.

The backpack has plenty of storage space for business cards, flyers, or other promotional schwag, making the banners an ideal promotional medium at sporting events, FUNdraisers, tradeshows, and more.

5. Put signs to work with boulevard banners

when to use banners

Is your business conveniently located near a light pole, street sign, or other, pole-like structures? Check-in with your local town or city to find out if you can affix banners to the poles. If so, the combination of existing poles + banners is an ROI win-win.

Boulevard banners are typically designed in the 26- by 60- inch range, which means they’re large enough to call attention but small enough to be stored away when not in use. And, of course, they can be removed and relocated for off-site events or when you expand to a new location.

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