the downside to diy window decal application

If you are a Bay Area business owner, you are smart in considering how window decals can enhance your business’s visibility and community brand recognition. That said, window decals are only as good as the quality of their printing and application.  

6 Reasons DIY Window Decal Application Is a Bad Idea 

While business owners typically trust us with the large format window graphic installations, we cannot tell you how many times we have been called in to rescue – or re-do – DIY window decal application gone wrong. 

You may select and apply the wrong product

Window decals are not one-type-fits-all. When we work with our clients, we select window decal materials, graphics, and colors that match their business goals as well as the window’s exposure and visibility. 

For example, a window that is continuously shaded may have different needs than one that is exposed to direct sunlight for the rest of the day. Are you in an older building with ancient windows? Your DIY decals might peel right off at the first sign of condensation or moisture exposure if you don’t choose the right material or type. 

Working with professionals means partnering with people who know exactly how specific decal materials perform, and the best ones for your business or automobile windows. 

Wasted money in failed decals

The more your decals peel, curl, warp, or bubble, the more often you’ll have to replace them. Regardless of what they may say, most DIY window decals are not able to be taken off and reapplied with the same outcome.  

As a result, you will be wasting precious financial, labor, and energetic resources applying, removing, and reapplying “more affordable” window decals when you could have just had the professionals do it once and for all. High-quality window decals that are properly installed can last for at least five years or more with proper care. You can do the math. 

They look terrible on the glass

We can spot a business’s DIY window decal application from 100 yards. There are several reasons for this.  

  • They are typically uneven or not well proportioned in the window frame/grid 
  • Bubbles, wrinkles, or lifted edges are the norm 
  • The colors are dulled because they were cheaply printed, the material is not adhering to the glass surface correctly, or they are fading too fast from sun exposure 
  • Dirt or debris remaining on the window is visible and/or compromising the decal’s effect 
  • Fading or inconsistent colors/images/text 

All of these are easy to avoid when you use a professional design and printing company to handle your window graphics and decals. 

You’ve selected the wrong type of decal for your needs

We touched on the fact that window graphics and decals are not one-type-fits-all goals. We have a wide range of window graphic options and decals are only one of them. So, for example, you may come to us with the idea that you want to use decals in a particular location, only to find that a perforated window film makes far more sense for your goals.  

On the flip side, you may have applied less temporary sticker-type decals when you should have been guided towards static cling versions that can be used for temporary sales campaigns, offers, or seasonal messaging and advertising. 

Again, the wrong type of decal directly translates into wasted resources, which is never ideal for the small or medium business owner. 

They look unprofessional

We’re guessing that if you’re looking into DIY window decals for your business, you are looking at online printing offers that guarantee all kinds of wonderful things, including rock bottom prices. Unfortunately, they don’t advertise the whopping array of unhappy customers they’ve burned along the way. 

When you create DIY decals and apply them to your windows, you miss out on important features of professional window decal printing and application such as: 

  • Vibrant coloring and contrasts 
  • Crisp lettering, images, and other graphics 
  • Application-specific materials and suggestions 
  • Professional support modifying or adapting your logo, words, colors, etc. to look their best on the window spaces where you plan to display them 

Without professional sign support, your decals won’t be as successful as they could be when it comes to developing brand visibility and getting your message out there into the world. 

DIY Window decal Application do more harm than good for your business

As children and young adults, we’re taught that looks don’t matter. And, while that is true when it comes to the quality of human character, it is not true at all in the world of business. From the colors you select and the type of logo you design for your business to the quality of your signage and the aesthetic appeal, prospects, and customers are constantly judging your company by the way it appears in public. 

If any of the above are true of your window decals – they are faded, dilapidated, peeling off, unattractive, hard to read, etc., – your business will look and feel less attractive to your target audience 

Work With Experienced Design/Print Firms to Create Professional Window Decals 

Don’t make the mistake of throwing money away on DIY window decal application and design. Instead, schedule a consultation with a local, experienced design and printing firm that has a positive track record installing professional window decals for businesses in your area.  

Ask to speak with their current clientele to feel more secure in your investment, and request a look at their window decal portfolio (or, have them provide addresses of previous customers so you can drive around and view examples of their work in action around the Bay Area.


The SpeedPro East Bay team has oodles of experience designing, printing, and applying business window decals that are attractive, durable, and stand the test of time. Contact us online to learn more about how we can help. Or, give us a call at 510-298-0699.