Are you planning a visit to Berkeley, CA shortly? If you are, you are likely excited about how many places there are to see and things there are to do. Indeed, this is a location that is rich in attractions and activities. Your biggest problem with planning a trip here may be that you won’t have time to do everything that you want to do!

Telegraph Avenue Berkeley

That being said, there are certainly a few places that are well worthy of consideration when it comes to planning your travel itinerary. One of these places may be Telegraph Avenue and People’s Park. Of course, visiting this location is not for everyone; however, let’s take a look at why you may enjoy a visit here if you are spending time in Berkeley, CA.

A Long History

When you are visiting a new location, it is always great to visit places that have a really rich history, places that make a real impression on your mind and soul because they have been created from something truly momentous. Telegraph Avenue and People’s Park Certainly comes with a long history, what your opinion is of that history, is, of course, your opinion.

The Park was created in 1969 and had one powerful purpose; to reclaim the neighborhood and create a place where something positive could happen. Hence in the local Berkeley Barb, a small group put out a call for help, and people started to arrive. However, the creating of the park did not go well, and a riot in May 1969 results in one bystander being left dead while another was blinded, and many were wounded.


There are many events that take place on Telegraph Avenue and People’s Park. If you are interested in attending an event during your time in Berkeley CA, why not check out the official website for the attraction? You can take a look at past events, as well as upcoming events to see if this is the type of venue you would enjoy visiting.

Other Places To Visit Near Telegraph Avenue and People’s Park

If you happen to be around the area of Telegraph Avenue and People’s Park, it’s a good idea to make use of your location and visit a few of the other nearby attractions. For instance, if you like a little bit of an adrenaline rush, you could head to AxeVentures, or you may enjoy Trave Adventures Unlimited for a taste of the type of exploration that could be on your doorstep.

Indeed, planning a trip to Berkeley CA opens up the door to plenty of activities and experiences, in fact, you may struggle to decide which options to choose and which ones to leave for another time! Whether you decide to visit Telegraph Avenue and People’s Park or you opt for other attractions and experiences for your travel itinerary, we sure hope you enjoy your trip to this beautiful part of the beautiful planet that we get to call home.


Getting to SpeedPro East Bay from Telegraph Avenue

via I-880 S

  • Head south on Telegraph Ave toward 66th St
  • Turn left onto 58th St
  • Slight right onto Martin St
  • Turn right onto Ayala Ave
  • Turn left onto Martin St
  • Turn right onto Claremont Ave
  • Turn right onto the 24 ramp to Downtown Oakland
  • Follow CA-24 W, I-980 W and I-880 S to Kennedy St. Take
    exit 39B from I-880 S
  • Merge onto CA-24 W
  • Continue onto I-980 W
  • Merge onto I-880 S
  • Take exit 39B toward Kennedy St
  • Continue on Kennedy St. Drive to Clement Ave in Alameda
  • Continue onto Kennedy St (signs for Fruitvale
  • Turn right onto 23rd Ave
  • Continue onto 29th Ave/Park St
  • Turn right onto Blanding Ave
  • Turn left onto Oak St
  • Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Clement