SpeedPro is your source for San Francisco vehicle wraps including car wraps, truck wraps, van wraps, boat wraps, and motorcycle wraps with custom-designed graphics needed to get your message in front of consumers. Wraps are an effective advertising method From an ROI (Return On Investment)  standpoint, auto wraps have the lowest cost per impression. Contact us today for a consultation at (510) 298-0699.


SpeedPro East Bay has a variety of options and products available to fit any need and budget. Full wraps cover the entire car, delivering a dramatic message to anyone who sees it. Clients can also opt for a partial wrap or spot graphics that cover a portion of a vehicle. If this is even too much for your budget or preference, you can choose to go with just vinyl lettering with your information and a logo.



Car wraps can be completely customized and the most common type of car wrap is a color change wrap.  Color change wraps require us to remove bumpers and handles so we can get into the hard to reach crevices and ensure that they’re covered fully with the new color.  We have a wide variety of color options including matte, chrome, gloss, and more.  We’ll sit down with you and help choose the best color that suits you for your car.



Truck wraps are very common for tradespeople like construction, plumbers, etc.  for advertising purposes.  We can do full wraps as well as partial wraps with just the important information that you want to share like your logo, phone number, and website.  We can also assist with design and installation for both full and partial truck wraps.



Trailer wraps can often be either full-scale wraps or cut vinyl with branding all around them.  From Airstream trailers to box trailers, our durable vinyl is up to the challenge to create long-lasting wraps with great, big, graphics.



If your company has more than one vehicle, we have the capacity to get it done.  From small cars to large trailers, we can make sure that the branding and color are consistent across the board on each of your vehicles.  We work with our team of expert installers to get the job done in a timely manner so your fleet vehicles are back on the road where they need to be.



The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says that mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising.  It reaches more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising.

  • 97% of drivers remember ads on commercial vehicles (Only 19% remember billboards)
  • 48% of drivers view vehicle wraps as the most unique form of advertising
  • 27% of drivers buy products and services based on a company’s commercial graphics
  • Vehicle wraps generate more than 2,500 impressions per dollar spent and are seen by 9 million other vehicles per year.
  • The average American drives over 300 miles each week


A full-scope marketing design often involves a variety of different display graphics designed to reach consumers. An important benefit of investing in a vehicle wrap is the longevity of the message. Make a statement on the road.  Car wraps are essentially moving billboards.  There really is no better place for people to read and remember your message than while stuck in traffic.  Placement of your graphics will be important for this.  Make an impression on the back and sides of your vehicle which are seen most.  Also, only include the most valuable information.  Too much text can be overwhelming and difficult to read however too little cannot get your message across. Vehicle wraps can last on average about 5 years and if you change your mind or decide to rebrand, we can unwrap it and start over.

The team at SpeedPro East Bay is eager to consult with every client to learn about individual advertising goals and needs. The consultation also touches on the budget to ensure that the plan falls in line with projected expenses for the advertising. We also work to be sure of any color matching to make sure that all your branding is consistent. After laying out the entire scope of the project, we will present a customized plan for creating the vehicle wrap along with the installation process.  We can install in 1 day for commercial wraps, however, for color change wraps may be up to two days.  These are both still shorter times than painting.

Our team collectively has over 20 years of experience in the wide-format printing industry and for that reason, we strive to exceed your goals.  We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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