At SpeedPro in San Francisco’s Bay Area, we strive to help you capture the attention of your target audience.  We aren’t just printers, we can help with an assortment of different signs that can help you make a great, big, first impression.  It can be easy to get lost in all of the decisions so because of that, this is a quick guide to different types of signage that might be best suitable for you.  If you have any questions after looking through, contact us for a consultation today.



Want your business to stand out? Our raised lettering ranges from plastic to metal and will display your business name with a more polished look.  Raised lettering also offers a 3-dimensional look to maximize visibility.  This can be used on the facade of your business or event inside of an office to increase brand awareness.  It doesn’t have to just be lettering either.  We can take your logo and create a 3-dimensional version of it as well to go with the lettering.  If you’re looking to really make an impression then take it a step further with lit raised lettering.  Our LED lit options include:

  • Halo lit – the light shines from behind and creates a halo effect around the dimensional letters
  • Face lit –  the light is directly illuminating the face of the letters

Unfortunately, we cannot help with the installation of LED lit raised lettering but we know contractors that we can refer you to directly.  This option is also not limited to indoor or outdoors and can be used for both.


Blade signs can be one of the most effective ways to attract foot traffic into your business so make it count with SpeedPro East Bay. With our expertise in creating effective and appealing visual communications, your business will be kept front and center with your customers.  Blade signs hang from the side of a storefront to make a location easily identifiable.  These can be printed either directly to metal or we can mount adhesive vinyl to them to create a rich, vibrant graphic.  Blade signs typically just consist of your business name and logo to make it easy to read.  We can help install these if you already have existing hardware in place for the sign to go.


Real estate signs can speak volume about a brokerage or listing agent.  Because of this, make sure they’re saying the right things about your agency and properties by partnering with us at SpeedPro East Bay.  Our real estate sign options include a-frames, arm-posts, and riders.  We have three options for our Open House a-frame signs which include the standard sign, a dry erase option or a clear slip option.

These last two options make it easy for agents who have different listings and want to include the address but don’t want to print a new sign each time they have another listing.  Our arm posts are for For Sale signs and we can help with the installation as well.  Our UV cured inks are also sure to withstand the rainy days and beaming sun.


The last thing you want is for your customers to be annoyed with you before they even get to your business because they can’t find you. Whether you need signage for a temporary event to direct traffic or permanent installation for your business, SpeedPro East bay can provide directional signage that is engaging and easy to read.  Our directional can be in the form of coroplast yard signs, wayfinding signage, a-frames with arrows, and more.  Wayfinding signage is especially useful for schools, offices, and large buildings.  We can also help with design on this to keep your wayfinding signage in line with your marketing materials and maximize your exposure.


Retail signs can begin with the storefront but be so much more than this.  Inside the store, we can put your logo on the cash wrap and help with your point of purchase displays also.  If you’re having specials that you want to promote, posters can be super helpful for this as well as other hanging signs that direct customers in the right direction.


When you work with us, we’re a part of a team.  We’ll collaborate with you to make sure that we choose the best signage option for you and your business goals.  Our team has over 20 years of combined wide format printing experience and because of this, we can provide all sorts of solutions. We ask the major questions to determine these decisions including indoor or outdoor use, and short term or long term.  Above all, your satisfaction is most important. Contact us today and we can get the process started!