Bring some light to your space with glass finishes from SpeedPro East Bay that let your space breathe. Our custom glass etching films give you the ability to open up your office building, hotel, or storefront with more natural lighting to brighten things up.

With our network of industry experts, we’re able to the offer some of the most crisp and clear custom glass etching film finishes to create a more vibrant space. They can be used to enhance an interior or exterior space with our knowledge of different materials and designs that are out. With so many different options, there is a solution for you and we can help you find it.



We don’t provide actual glass etching, instead we provide adhesive films that when applied to glass they give the etched effect. It’s a much less time consuming and more affordable option than glass etching and the look is just as great. Depending on your preference or requirements from a building, the final decision of the material is completely up to you. Here are a few of the glass etching films that we offer:

  • GEOMETRIC PATTERNS: Add your personal touch to a glass finish with an etched film with geometric patterns on it. This is a more decorative option that can be used on windows or doors to accent your business or interior. This can also be overall more fun and interesting for people to look at when they enter your space.
  • PRIVACY FILM: If you need privacy whether in your office or your home, privacy film is perfect for this. This specialty film clouds the view from both sides of the glass so that people can’t see directly through. Instead, you may just be able to see an outline or a shadow. This is especially used on conference room doors and windows or cubicles to separate them. If you want to get creative with your privacy film, we also have the option to contour cut (etch) a logo or other text and graphics in it.
  • TINTING: Most commonly you’ll find glass tinting used on outside glass. This prevents exposure to ultra-violet light which can be damaging, however tinting can be applied indoors as well. You can find this optional privacy feature used on windows of storefronts that are directly facing the sun. The tinting will last long and it won’t wear out over time either.
  • REFLECTIVE FINISHES: Also known as a one-way mirror finish, this reflective option has an elegant look. Since it’s mirrored, people cannot see in but you can still see out. When they’re looking in, they see their own reflection which is perfect for privacy purposes.
  • SATIN FINISH: This finish has a high opacity which makes it very popular. You will be able to maintain a beautiful look to your glass while also keeping the murky shapes on the other side of the glass.


Glass etching films can help you to elevate your look and add some versatility to your space. These films can add a decorative accent while also being practical to your space in a way that other signage can’t. It can also be used for many things besides just the office and here are a few other ways:

  • RETAIL STORES: Up your look by adding some specialty glass etched film to your windows, doors, or mirrors. This is also commonly seen in dressing rooms to spruce up the space or as a way to separate different sections of the store. Give your retail store the extravagant look that it deserves.
  • EVENT VENUES: Add a little sophistication to your next event by adding panels with glass etched films. This can help to create buzz around your event while also attract people to one area of the event.
  • STOREFRONTS: Don’t limit yourself to just sprucing up the interior. More importantly create a display at the front that can’t be missed. Capture that upscale look by displaying your store name or logo with glass etched films that highlight your brand while also looking amazing.
  • ART STUDIOS: Show off your artistic ability with glass etching at your entryway. This can help to set the tone of what is to come when they enter your studio.
  • RESTAURANTS: Diners can find a little privacy when a restaurant offers partitions with glass etched films to section off parts of the restaurant while also offering a sophisticated feel.
  • HOTELS: Let hotel guests relax by separating the check-in desk from areas where guests may be relaxing and watching TV or working on a computer.
  • MUSEUMS: If you want to divide your exhibit rooms, customized glass etched films on doors and windows will really stand out and help to set the tone.

No matter your application method, our variety of architectural glass etching films allows for different light transmissions and finishes. Contact us today and we’ll help you determine what is best for you. Or give us a call at 510.298.0699.