Yard signs have been around for years and chances are you’ve likely seen these in front of houses or businesses at some point or another. They’re also known as lawn signs and have been previously known as dull and an outdated way of marketing. Typically they were placed in front of homes for sale or a house supporting a certain ballot measure or candidate. However, SpeedPro East Bay is changing this bland way of marketing and creating a new twist with fun custom yard signs. With our help, you can turn an empty lawn into a transformed space with rich colors and graphics that can be used for any occasion. We’ve taken this idea and used it as a way to promote anything you want whether it be an announcement, a celebration, a graduation recognition, grand opening, or any other memorable milestone. There are no limits to how creative you can get with your custom yard sign.

Our advanced technology and printers, makes it easy to customize any yard sign. Our high-quality materials are also meant to last long and weather the outdoor elements no matter where you live. Regardless of what you want to use your yard sign for, SpeedPro East Bay will help to provide you with the guidance that you need. From the design to the sizing, we’ll make sure that your final sign conveys your message with meaning, stands out, and looks great in the end.

stand out with custom YARD SIGNS

By adding a personal touch to your lawn sign, you can maximize your visibility and marketing method. This gives you the ability to have a one-of-a-kind sign that no one else will have in front of their house or business. If yours looks different than the others because of your creativity, then that gives you the upper hand. Lawn signs are a simple and cost-effective method of advertising but they also can be used with such versatility that they can be even more effective. They can also be useful in simply providing direction, contact information, dates, and more.

When it comes the design of your yard sign, this will be essential in captivating your audience. You’ll want to use bold colors and graphics while also including limited text. If you go overboard on the text and it’s too wordy, it’ll likely make people look away from it without reading anything. The materials that we use for these signs are just as important as the design as they’re super high-quality. We use corrugated plastic which is durable and great for the outdoors. The inside of the material has flute channels that allows for an h-stake to inserted without difficulty and then inserted into soft ground. We print your design using our UV flatbed which uses UV cured inks which will last in the heat and not fade over time. We can also print custom colors as well as cut your sign into a custom shape or size for any event.

SpeedPro East Bay understands that choosing the right yard sign design can be complicated if it’s your first time around. However, our expert team of designers is here to help simplify the process and with a short consultation, we can make sure to capture your vision and bring it to life.

ways to use custom yard signs

Lawn signs help to create visibility all day every day since people will be walking or driving by them. So have as much fun with them as you want and don’t just limit yourself to real estate or political purposes. Think outside of the box and use them for any occasion. Here are some ways that you can use lawn signs that you might not have thought of:

  • ANNOUNCEMENTS & MILESTONES: Is someone that you know about to pass a big milestone and you want to give a little recognition? Maybe it’s a graduation, a new baby, or a birthday. Give them a shout out in this special and unique way. This is a great way to design a special lawn sign for them and put it on their front lawn for everyone to see for days to come.
  • GRAND OPENINGS: Let people know that aren’t from the area that you’re new. A simple lawn sign can be a nice way to promote your grand opening and as well as direct people to your entrance during a grand opening celebration.
  • SALES AND PROMOTIONS: Don’t let a big blowout sale pass by without advertising or promoting it in the least bit. With lawn signs, you can either place them out front of your business, or if you’re allowed you can line the block with them to create some serious buzz.
  • CREATE AWARENESS: By placing a lawn sign right out front of your location, people walking by are able to see that you’re there. They might not have noticed before and if you include a special on the sign as well, they may be enticed to come in.
  • HOME FOR SALE: Although one of the more practical forms of uses, these are a great way to promote a house for sale while including all of the contact information and details about the home.
  • POLITICAL CANDIDATE SUPPORT: When there’s a big election coming up, show your neighborhood who you’re supporting and spread awareness with your lawn sign.

If you have a big idea for your next yard sign project, contact us today or give us a call at 510.298.0699.