SpeedPro East Bay is a full service wide format printing shop where we offer a variety of custom decal options. One of our more common decal options is vehicle decals. Custom vehicle decals can be divided into three categories and here are the options:

  • FULL VEHICLE WRAPS: In order to make a big statement on and off the road, full vehicle wraps are the solution for you. They can help to turn any commercial vehicle from ordinary to eye-catching. Full vehicle wraps help to increase your marketing by simply taking your message to the streets. You can turn your vehicle into a billboard that never stops when you wrap your vehicle entirely. The initial cost for a full vehicle wrap can be a bit intimidating, however, the ROI is greater and worth it. From wrapping the hood and sides to all the way around back, your branding will be seen from every angle.
  • PARTIAL VEHICLE WRAPS: If you’re not ready to take the leap or your budget doesn’t allow for a full vehicle wrap, then consider a partial wrap. This option can be just as effective as it will still cover all essential parts of the vehicle including the sides, door, and rear. With this type of visibility, you can still make an impression no matter which part of the vehicle a person sees. Partial wraps also allow you to have full creativity with your design and still be colorful with graphics.
  • CUT VINYL LETTERING & GRAPHICS: This option is best if you’re still hesitant to put any branding on your vehicle or you’re working with a tighter budget that only gives a little flexibility. This is a great starting point though as it gives you creativity but still keeps it simple and to the point. With cut vinyl lettering and graphics, you’ll want to be as concise as possible. This will be most important in displaying your business name, logo, and essential contact information. You have the option to list services but information overload can also be distracting. The drawback with cut vinyl lettering is that you don’t have the ability to cover the entire vehicle and it may not be as visually catchy as a full wrap but it’s definitely better than having nothing at all.


When used the right way, custom vehicle decals can be a very useful marketing and advertising method. Breathe a little life into your company’s vehicle with decals that are custom made for you and your business. Don’t drive around a bare white truck when you could be promoting your business by just driving around. Give your vehicle that extra personal touch that will be sure to be seen when you’re running errands or stuck in commute.

Regardless of your method for using vehicle decals, they are still a very effective way to draw people to look at your business while on the road. If you’re responding to a client call, you could get more eyes on your vehicle than you would have with an online advertisement and you’re simply doing your job. Here are some ways that custom vehicle decals can benefit you and your business:

  • INCREASE AUDIENCE: With vehicle decals, you have the ability to reach a new and more broad audience than you would have before. You’re creating leads by taking your vehicle out on the road and you didn’t have to do much work. You can really up your reach with every new vehicle you get as well. The more vehicles out there promoting your brand, the more eyes you have on you.
  • EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: SpeedPro East Bay offers custom design for every single vehicle decal project. No business is the same and that’s what makes you unique. We’ll be sure to help you put together a design where it not only draws attention to your graphics but we’ll strategically place the most important information on your vehicle to make sure it’s easy to read for drivers and pedestrians.
  • DURABILITY: We use some of the most high-quality materials with high tac adhesives for long term use. Because of this, your marketing investment will last for years to come without needing to be replaced. If you want to later replace it because of changes or re-branding, we can do that too.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Using vehicle decals can tend to not be so cost effective at first and may be a little more costly than expected, however the benefits last for years. It’s a great investment and it’s worth it. Online and print advertisements can quickly come and go and easily be looked over. However, if you brand your vehicle not only will it have a longer life span, it will also be more difficult to miss.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Vehicle decals depending on the size and location can be applied easily to the surface. We do have installation services, however sometimes people like to try it out on their own. We provide instructional videos, squeegees for easy install as well as application tape to help simplify the process and get you out on the road sooner.

Let’s get started on your next vehicle decal project today. Contact us or give us a call at 510.298.0699.