custom safety signs

Safety signs are essential when it comes to drawing attention towards safety and away from hazards. Work spaces and commercial buildings are typically required to have some sort of safety signage around to be compliant. However, safety signage tends to be often ignored if it’s not visually appealing, up to date or within codes. Safety signage has been updated over time and so a simple “Danger” or “Warning” sign just won’t make the cut anymore. It won’t have an as effective impact and it will more than likely get overlooked because of its general look. Ensuring that you are clearly communicating to your staff, employees, and customers, the risks and warnings can be the difference between a life or death situation depending on the environment.

SpeedPro East Bay understands the seriousness of this and this is why we are at the cutting edge of safety signage and graphics. Our team of professionals and network of resources has helped us design and manufacture signs for businesses nationwide to make for safer environments. All of our partners are inspired by OSHA safety guidelines and standards and work within that to create valuable yet visually compelling safety signs. This becomes the kind of signage that your employees or customers can’t ignore.

We want you to trust in us when it comes to something as important as custom safety signs. You should be able to throw out your old signs from decades in the past and now be confident in new visual communications provided by SpeedPro East Bay.


safety SIGNS up to code

Your custom safety signage should not only be helpful in conveying your overall message but it should also be effective in preventing accidents or injuries. We want to make sure that it will enforce safe working behavior and reduce the risks that could be posed. With clear and concise signage, your employees should be able to easily identify any potential issues and avoid dangers without thinking twice. It should also be very simple to find and understand exit routes in emergencies as well as properly use emergency equipment.

Rest assured that our safety signage is up to code and compliant with the latest OSHA safety standards. Standard safety signs that you can purchase at a hardware store will often lack the essential information with detailed symbols and appropriate language which can make all the difference. However, all of our safety signage including accident prevention, fire equipment location, and instructional signs all include:

  • Eye-catching colors to attract attention and not let your sign go unnoticed.
  • Comprehensible symbols and images that offer straight forward communication no matter the language.
  • Information that is detailed but to the point to inspire safer decision-making because it’s easy to understand.
  • Appropriately using risk level signage words and symbols to alert and increase attention.

WHY update YOUR custom SAFETY SIGNs?

This is an answer that you will not want to overlook. Updating safety signs and even customizing them can sometimes be costly. But, when you think about that risk that you could face if you don’t have up to date signage that is visible, it’s worth a lot more than that. Besides promoting a safer and healthier work environment overall, here are a few other reasons why you’ll want to update your safety signs?

  • PREVENT INJURY: This one is super important. When you have safety signage that is attractive to the eye and visible, employees will take more notice and be more intrigued to look at them and read them. This will overall help to reduce the safety risks and hazards that may come up and keep your employees, subcontractors, or customers away from any harm or injury.
  • PROTECT THE COMPANY: Don’t get tangled up in litigation because you weren’t prepared. Although accidents can still happen no matter what, by having updated signs around your location, this will help to give you a better defense strategy. Also, the more signage you have up, the less likely it will be for you to even get to that point.
  • AVOID FINES AND PENALTIES: Your job as a business owner is to ensure that the safety and health of the working environment be up to code. If things feel dangerous, a worker could report you for for neglecting the safety of the employees. Or OSHA could find out that you’re not taking proper precautions to protect your workers and this could lead to some serious fines.

There are many safety signage options for you and some are fully customizable. Make sure that your safety signs are up to code and displayed properly around your business to protect your employees, customers, and your company. If you’re not sure where to get started with your safety signage project, contact us here or give us a call at 510.298.0699 and we’ll help.