Promote your business in a new and creative way that you may not have considered before. Attract new clients with custom fleet wraps designed, produced, and installed by SpeedPro East Bay. Turn your average company vehicle into a mobile billboard with your custom wraps. We’ll use eye-catching graphics and language to help with your advertising techniques. We have different options of fleet graphics including cut vinyl lettering with just your logo and business name, partial wraps, all the way to full wraps. Make promotion easy with vehicle graphics that promote you and your business while you’re stuck in traffic or driving around town.



  • BE SEEN: Technology and advertising are quickly evolving and it makes it even more competitive when it comes to being seen. So how do you get your brand to stand out from the others? Fleet wraps are a non-traditional way to advertise while also still being very effective and visually engaging. This is a marketing technique that doesn’t stop and when you move, it goes right with you. Taking a drive to the store or strategically parking it on the corner can get you more impressions.
  • IT WORKS: Have you ever calculated the ROI of a marketing campaign? Well with fleet wraps, the initial cost to get the wraps produced and installed may be higher than expected, however, the ROI is what makes the difference. Fleet wraps are proven to have the lowest cost-per-impression because so many eyes can be on them when driving during a simple daily commute. With every wrap in your fleet, you are now broadening the audience that you’ll be able to reach. With more vehicles on the road, the more opportunities there are to be seen.
  • WE’RE YOUR PARTNER: Every business is different and that is why we at SpeedPro East Bay provide the maximum form of guidance that we can. We typically start the process with a consultation to help us understand you a little better. We want to understand your business, your needs, your goals, and your overall expectations. We’ll also want to understand your budget and vision which will help us to decide if you want a full or partial wrap on your fleet. Then we can narrow it down to the creative portion with graphics, logos, and colors.

ADVERTISING on the fast track

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Instead, reach thousands of new potential customers with SpeedPro East Bay’s high-quality and big, bold, fleet wraps. Here is what you’ll find when you choose to work with us on your full, partial, or spot wraps:

  • MESSAGING WITH MEANING: The last thing you’ll want to do is put a wrap on your fleet that doesn’t even relate to your business. Just because it’s colorful and catches the eye, doesn’t mean it will convey the proper message. Instead, think of a strategy that will work and help to provide important information. You’ll want to include your logo, business name, and phone number most importantly. Also, go easy on the information. With an information overload on your vehicle listing all of your services it can get overlooked because it’s too cluttered. Keep it simple where someone driving by quickly can easily understand what you do.
  • WE ARE ORIGINAL: Don’t worry that we’ll give you the same wrap design as we’ve given someone else. All of our wrap designs are custom to you and your brand. Everything will be tailored to you including the messaging, colors, and most importantly your logo. We even will specialize it to fit to your vehicle’s dimensions and style which can sometimes play into the design.
  • COLOR TECHNOLOGY: Don’t get lost in the shuffle of all of the other vehicles on the road. Instead, use vibrant colors that will catch the eye of anyone. When using bold graphics, color can make this really stand out. With our color printing technology, we can give you rich colors that match your existing branding and will last for many years.
  • HIGH QUALITY INSTALLATION: Don’t be skeptical when it comes to our installation services. Our installers are some of the best in the Bay Area from their experience to their professionalism. We are sure to give you a flawless finish each time.
  • SPECIAL FINISHES: Sure, we can print any color wrap you’d like and gloss is our most common finish. However, we can also have a little fun with this and be creative with our matte vinyl, carbon fiber materials, metallic, chrome, and more. With a specialty finish like this, you customize your fleet wraps any way you’d like.

We want you to feel like a part of our team when you work with SpeedPro East Bay on your custom fleet wraps. We will work with you to customize it all and provide an eye-catching and lasting visual impression. Contact us today or give us a call at 510.298.0699.