your choice of custom directional signs

Directional signs are all meant to do one thing which is to guide people in the right direction and show them where to go. This can be done in a variety of different forms and ways depending on your preference, budget, and usage. Whether it’s the materials that we print on or the design and style of your signs, we have the ability to fully custom directional signs that reflect your business in the most accurate way. There are three categories that help to break it down a little simpler of the different ways that you can use directional signs. Although they all help to accomplish the same goal, they’re each unique.


These types of signs are the most commonly used form of directional signs because they’re used basically everywhere. Indoor directional signs are used in both public and private settings to help make it easier for people to find certain locations. Most commonly seen are pointing out restrooms, exits, entrances, and wheelchair accessible areas. When applicable, these are also great to identify office names and room numbers as well as lobby directories. Whether a big corporate building, a hospital, or a school, these indoor directional signs make finding places much easier. You won’t want people to have to search very hard for you if you want the business.


Outdoor directional signs are essential to locating you. Imagine if you have no exterior signage, how would people know they’re in the right place? You could miss out on an opportunity for great business by making it difficult to find you. These types of outdoor signs include operation hours, exits, entrances, parking signs, promotions, and more. You can attract so much more business by simply being visible.


Digital wayfinding signs take advantage of the technology advancements of today and give directional signage a little twist. Digital signage uses screens to display information to guide people with directions. These digital screens can be fully customized to include your logo, pre-populated messages, or any other personal touch. Since it’s digital, it also makes it easy to program a new message every time you have a change. For example, if a tenant leaves an office, you can simply switch out the name to a new one without having to print a new sign. Digital screens are also helpful in giving guests an exact location of where they are on a map as well as display meeting schedules or upcoming events.



If you don’t have any directional signs leading up to your business, or inside of it, then the better question is why not? Custom directional signs are very important to not only spread awareness to your business but also get more eyes on you. Here are a few other reasons why you may want to consider adding some signage to your business.

  • PROVIDE DIRECTION: People will only search around for you so long before they lose patience and give up. Unless, they’re especially committed to you and your brand. Nowadays, people want things right away and circling a parking lots or busy city streets will not give them that. Instead, provide direction and guides towards your entrance and/or parking lot to save time. Maybe a big sign on your storefront to give instant visibility. This will help to eliminate the guessing game and give an overall more pleasurable experience.
  • GIVE CUSTOMERS A WELCOME: You want your customers to feel welcome, especially those first time visitors to inspire them to visit again. To do this, you can put a simple sign at your entrance to make them feel more at ease. This not only will help them to relax that they’ve found the right place, but they’ll also be more pleasant entering if they find you without looking too hard. Placing a welcome sign in front is also a great tactic to use at really large events where the guest count is too large for event staff to personally greet each one.
  • REASSURE YOUR CUSTOMERS: When a person walks in your doors, you don’t want them to look around and wonder if they’re in the right place. Instead, include parking signs or a-frames with arrows pointing toward the entrance. You don’t want people to second guess where they are so instead, help them before they even have any questions.
  • BRAND REINFORCEMENT: Putting a large sign outside of your business or on the street gives you maximum visibility. This will not only make it really easy for people to find you but it also adds to your every day marketing method. Include your logo and business name and it’ll promote your brand 24/7. This will help with longer-term visibility and it can be as simple as a banner with specials or an a-frame to promote your products.


Directional signs help to give you the visibility you need. If you’re ready to get started with your project, give us a call at 510.298.0699 or contact us here. We’ll give you the guidance you need to decide what would be the best solution for you given your needs and timeline. We look forward to working together!