SpeedPro East Bay specializes in getting your name and graphics in front of others.  When it comes to custom boat lettering and graphics we’ll help every step of the way from the removal of old graphics to the finished installed product.   Contact us for a quote today to begin planning your boat lettering graphics.  We work with small fishing boats all the way up to yachts.  No project is too big or small for us at SpeedPro East Bay.  Here you can find out more about how your standard boat lettering decals or full wraps will make an impression.


Every boat needs a name so why not make it something special and eye-catching? Or take it a step further and add graphics all the way around your boat. Whichever you choose, our in-house graphic designer can make your vision come to life.  When you contact us at SpeedPro East Bay, we’ll give you a full-color sheet with options to choose from as well as a link with unlimited fonts.   Our graphic design services for boat lettering are complimentary when you can provide this information.  This also allows you to completely customize the process.

It could be a simple standard font or something fun.  It could also be one color or several colors.  If you have absolutely no idea what you want it to look like our design team is happy to assist.  We can give any boat lettering ideas that we may have from experience.  We always send a proof beforehand to ensure that you’re 100% happy with the look of it before we print.


Our team is happy to consult with any client about their boat graphics needs. From the removal of old graphics to the finished installed product, we’ll help every step of the way.  We can either use measurements that you provide, or we’re happy to come to you and measure the boat.  We also give free quotes within 24 hours of receiving this information.  If a boat name is too simple and you want a full-scale graphic, boat striping or even a full wrap, we can help with this also.  Depending on what your goal is we’re happy to brainstorm ideas that fit your boat.  We can print any color with our color matching technology or we can use our ready color vinyl options.  All of our self-adhesive vinyl is durable against treacherous waters and sure to last several years to come.

How to Install Boat Lettering

We not only design and print the boat lettering but we offer installation services as well.  Our installation services are charged hourly and we’ll work directly with you or the boatyard to ensure that we’re able to get access to the boat.  However, if you’re in a DIY mood and feel like trying it out yourself, we’ve included a full tutorial video here on how to get the best result.  When we give you the completed vinyl lettering or graphic, we provide the masking over the graphic for easier installation as well as a special SpeedPro East Bay squeegee.  We include the letters already evenly spaced as well which will help to make your installation process a little bit easier.


  1. We do expect a clean dry surface free from residues, cracks, sanding dust, etc. when we do installation ONLY.
  2. We don’t guarantee any work done by others.  If we don’t do the old lettering removal, we will need to inspect the surface before installation.
  3. When we do old boat lettering removal, we use biodegradable vinyl softener and/or a mechanical wheel. These tools leave a clean dry surface for installation.
  4. You do not need to be present when the lettering removal or install takes place if we’ve made prior arrangements to allow installers access to the boat.
  5. If the boat isn’t backed into the slip when we begin installation there may be an additional charge for our installer to move it to gain access to the transom.
  6. USCG Lettering Requirements: The name and hailing port of a recreational vessel must be marked together on some clearly visible exterior part of the hull. The vessel name of a commercial vessel must also be marked on the port and starboard bow and the vessel name and the hailing port must also be marked on the stern. All markings may be made by any means and materials that result in durable markings and must be at least four inches in height, made in clearly legible letters of the Latin alphabet or Arabic or Roman numerals. The “hailing port” must include both a place and a State, Territory, or possession of in the United States. You can abbreviate the state name.