retractable banners

When attending a tradeshow, a retractable banner stand will be an essential piece to your set up. You may already have the backdrop, the table cover, and all the other printed promotional items you need but you’re missing just one thing. That’s where a retractable banner can give the finishing touch. These easy pull-up banners come in various sizes and forms and here are the most popular options that we offer.

Silverstep Retractable:

The silverstep banner stand has a wide aluminum base with adjustable feet to provide stability. It also has an aluminum pole that allows for easy adjustment so you’re not tied to one height. It also has a bungee cord inside which helps to keep the pole pieces together so you don’t lose one of them. These are also perfect for showrooms, Grand Openings, kiosks, or other retail locations. They come in the following sizes:

24″ wide x 85″ – 92″ high

36″ wide x 69″ – 92″ high

48″ wide x 69″ – 92″ high

60″ wide x 69 – 92″ high

silverstep retractable banner

How to Setup
Economy Retractable:

The economy retractable allows for easy setup and breakdown. The two swivel feet at the base help to give it more balance and stand sturdier on the ground. This banner stand option doesn’t allow for height ranges but you can choose your width option. The sizes available are:

24″ wide x 80″ high

31.5″ wide x 80″ high

33.5″ wide x 80″ high

36″ wide x 80″ high


econo roll retractable banner

How to Set Up
blade lite Retractable:

The Blade Lite retractable comes in a variety of sizes from widths to adjustable heights. The adjustable option allows you to have a graphic that can show at some events and hide at others by not pulling it all the way up.

15.75″ wide x 69.37″ high

23.5″ wide x 69″ – 83.25″ high

31.5″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

33.5″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

36″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

39.25″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

47.25″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

59″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

blade lite retractable banner

Doublestep Retractable:

The doublestep retractable banner is our double-sided retractable version which allows to have two graphics in one stand. These are great for events where you may have foot traffic coming from two directions or if you just want to maximize your visibility.

24″ wide x 69″ – 74″ high

36″ wide x 69″ – 74″ high

double step retractable banner

breeze tabletop Retractable:

The Breeze tabletop retractable banner stand is perfect for a more subtle tradeshow display approach. With a full scope presentation, this tabletop promotional banner makes for a great final touch. The total display size is 8.375″W x 13″H making it lightweight and super easy to set up.


breeze table top retractable banner