Outdoor festivals and events are the perfect opportunities to get the most out of your branding. From banners and backdrops to canopy outdoor tents with your logo and phone number wrapped around to make the most impact. Our UV custom canopy tent is ideal for all of your outdoor events and an excellent way to provide protection from the sun and rain. The material itself is a water-resistant material that dries quickly and has protection against the natural elements that you may encounter while outdoors. There are optional accessories that we offer for when the winds get heavy including ropes and stakes, plastic water bases, and sandbag covers.

uv casita canopy tent

uv casita canopy tent


Finished size – 62” w x 51” h


Finished size – 120”W x 87.25”H


Front: 175″ w x 84″ h, Side: 120.25″ w x 95″ h


Front: 232″ w x 88.5″ h, Side: 119″ w x 90″ h

add a back wall

backwall casita canopy tent

If you want to really maximize your visibility, adding a back wall can help do just this. The back walls can be either single or double-sided and they’re securely fastened to the top of the canopy with velcro and also at the bottom inside through a pole pocket. The back wall doesn’t have to just be assembled to the back however. It can be assembled onto any side of the canopy based on your preference or where the most foot traffic will be able to see. The finished size is 115″ wide x 82.5″ high so there is plenty of real estate to make your logo and message come to life.

add sidewalls

sidewalls outdoor tents

Sidewalls can be purchased as just one or you can choose to do two sidewalls for a full set. The finished size for these is 114.5″ wide x 41″ high printed single-sided and two steel rails for each graphic are included for easy support. These are great to block out the crowds and help provide more of a booth aesthetic especially when paired with a back wall.


All of these options are easily customizable and include full color printing. If you’re ready to get started on your outdoor tents, the SpeedPro East Bay team is ready to help. Give us a call or schedule a consultation today.