When looking to promote your business whether indoors or outdoors, flags are the perfect solution for long-term visibility. With a variety of different options and sizes, we’re sure to have a solution that fits your needs. Flags are great attention grabbers as they flutter in the wind and draw people’s eyes to your intended message. They can be placed outside of your business, transported to different outdoor events, set up inside of an office, or part of a tradeshow display. They can be used in a number of different ways and they’re easy to set up.

When you work with SpeedPro East Bay on your custom printed flags, we can guarantee that you’re getting a high-quality product that will not only represent you in the best way but will be consistent with the rest of your branding. We’ll be sure to help you choose the right flag product by going through each of the various types. Here are some of the different styles that we offer:

Falcon Flag

falcon flag

The falcon flag is ideal for quantity orders and its new hardware design is super economical. The new hardware also offers more height options which you can find below. This flag is intended for outdoors where you can either insert the spike base into the grass or use the x-base on concrete. Your graphic artwork can be custom printed onto this polyester mesh by using the dye-sublimation process. For single-sided prints, the inks will heavily saturate the material to create a bleed-through effect and for double-sided prints a gray blocker lays between so the graphic can be visible on both sides. It is finished with black sewing leaving a pole pocket.

X-Small: 7 ft high

Small: 8.25 ft high

Medium: 10.5 ft high

Large: 14 ft high

X-Large: 17 ft high

Feather flag

feather flag

Each feather flag has the option to be single-sided or double-sided and also offers a spike base to insert in the ground or an x-base to stand on sturdy ground. They can also be used indoors or outdoors as long as ceiling height permits. Feather flags have a little more drape to them than the falcon flag but not quite as much as the teardrop flag option so it’s the perfect in-between advertising solution. They’re lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and come in varying heights below.

Small: 9.84 ft high

Medium: 15.75 ft high

Large: 16.4 ft high

X-Large: 19.7 ft high

teardrop flag

teardrop flag

The teardrop flag is exactly as it sounds and has a drop to it for a unique look. The spike base can be inserted into any penetrable ground or an x-base can be used if no soft ground is near. The teardrop flag offers graphics on both the front and back as well as just the front. Like the other outdoor flags, this is printed on a dye-sublimated polyester mesh fabric for long term use and comes in varying heights. These are also great for outdoor advertising.

Small: 8.2 ft high

Medium: 11 ft high

Large: 14.5 ft high

X-Large: 15.75 ft high

Mamba flag

mamba flag

The mamba outdoor flag can be used when looking for a direct way to promote your indoor or outdoor events. It offers a spike or x-base stand as well as single-sided or double-sided. The mamba flag uses mesh fabric and is available in 3 different sizes which you can find below. There is also a pocket trim sewn on the edge of the graphic along the side where the pole is to allow for pole insertion. A set of grommets are placed at the bottom of this side where a short bungee cord, that is included, can attach to the graphic base.

Small: 10.125 ft high

Medium: 13.5 ft high

Large: 16.8 ft high

Do you have a big event coming up or just want to draw more attention to your location? Contact the experts at SpeedPro East Bay for a free consultation on your outdoor flags. We can help from the very beginning with design ideas, size and style suggestions, and budget. For pricing, give us a call at (510) 298-0699.