what is soft signage?

Soft signage in the printing industry is another term for printed fabric signage. Dye sublimation, fabric printing, and silicone edge graphics (SEG), are the leader in printing soft signage and textiles which can help to create stunning work such as:

  • Point of purchase displays
  • Banners
  • Backdrops
  • Backlit displays
  • Tents
  • Table coverings

Digital fabric printing can also be done on a variety of fabrics such as cotton, canvas, and polyester.


As we shift into a more green and environmentally friendly time, the better question is why not fabric? Using vinyls and plastics are the more popular option as they can be completed quicker and sometimes with less of a cost but they’re not recyclable – that is unless we use our special PVC free vinyl. However, fabric offers a more natural product like cotton and this gives clients access to a more sustainable set up that may correspond with their brand a bit better. Whether in the office or at a tradeshow, this option for signage can help to convey your message about environmental awareness.

Printing on fabric can also block out light and be very durable. There are endless options with fabrics and although some thinner fabrics allow for dimensional and innovative backlit displays, there are thicker fabrics that can block light out. Another option is to print black on the back side of the fabric to help to block out the light even more. These fabrics are also very durable, unlike plastics that can bend and break easily. The fabric generally has a finishing whether it be sewed edges or silicone edges (see below) to help it have a longer life. With the correct care and maintenance, printed fabric can last for years. Often times they just require a machine wash and air drying to get the job done.

Lastly, printed fabrics help to create a unique look and are great for artistic prints. Colors on fabric can be much more rich than any other substrate and allow for a more eye-catching setup. You can also get more creative with fabric prints by using them as wall dividers or as a substitute for an indoor banner. Canvas printing allows to customize art for your walls whether in your home, office, or commercial space. If you want to get really creative with fabric printing, consider wrapping furniture or pillows or custom printed fabric. Maybe you don’t like what’s out there as far as patterns and such. Partner with SpeedPro East Bay to custom print on your fabric bolt and get as innovative as you’d like. This could especially be beneficial and fun for interior designers to really customize a space.

silicone edge graphics (SEG)

What are silicone edge graphics? These essentially use the same process and other printed fabrics just with a different finishing. SEG’s are printed on a tension fabric using dye-sublimated printing and then finished with a thin silicone strip that is sewn directly into the graphic. The fabric then goes into a special frame with flexible strips that allow for the fabric to be pressed into the frame’s openings and create the taut and seamless display. These displays can look especially vibrant by adding lights and creating a backlit look.

SEG offers a sleek and wrinkle-free display by using tension and bold printing. Dye-sublimation lets you produce photo-quality imagery that can be achieved through the rich color in silk screening and the photographic quality of digital printing. The dye-sublimation process uses heat to transfer ink directly onto the fabric giving it a bold finish.


SpeedPro East Bay has over 20 years of industry experience including our full team of experts that are happy to help. Printing graphics on fabric does require extra attention so partner with us to understand how to print these high-quality graphics and make the most of your images and color. Not sure where to start with your fabric display? We an help you understand which option would work best for you and your project.

Printed fabric can also be a big money saver in the long run. If you choose SEG displays or any backdrops with printed fabric, the fabric can be alternated using the same frame. Don’t worry about having to purchase the full set over again. Simply order the frame once and when you have a new event, order only the fabric with the new graphics to fit that frame. This can help to save money over time and your display will look great from all angles.

SpeedPro East Bay loves a challenge and with many years of experience, we know the tricks and tools of the trade to help you put together an amazing presentation using printed fabric. Give us a call at 510-298-0699 or contact us and we look forward to teaming up.