The San Francisco Bay Area is booming with new construction projects across various cities. With construction comes architectural planning and engineering and we want to help with this process as much as possible. Not only do we offer construction signage but we are now offering services to help with the early stages of development. This includes plan printing, architectural scans, and CAD conversions. We have competitive pricing to help keep you in your budget and also make the process simple.


We can print black and white or color plans at all sizes through 36” x 48”.   If you need to ship or distribute plans, we can ship/distribute directly from our studio to your client’s destination. This also includes Request for Proposal (RFP) booklets and closeouts/punch lists.

bay area blueprint printers


We also offer scanning services at 200 DPI for architectural scans in black and white and color. We offer scanning in a variety of sizes including:







If you have a bulk order of documents that you want to convert to a digital file, we’ve got you covered with our scanning services. Do you have a large document that you want to get scanned but you can’t find a scanner large enough? Look no further than SpeedPro East Bay for all of your scanning needs.


What is CAD conversion? Years ago, architectural drawings were done by hand.  These days most drawings are done with Computer-Aided Design programs like autoCAD.  This helps to create a drawing with more precision than a standard hand drawing. Old, hand drawn plans can now be converted to a digital form, or a CAD plan. Managing this data is essential for projects in architecture, engineering, etc. This allows for an easier process in archiving, copying, and sharing these documents. SpeedPro East Bay has full CAD conversion services where we can either turn a PDF or a hard copy physical drawing into a CAD drawing. Our pricing and excellent service gives us the upper hand in helping you with your CAD conversion. As long as you provide the version of CAD that you’re looking for, we can provide the rest.

Are you ready to get started on your CAD conversion or architectural scans? Give us a call at 510-298-0699 or schedule a consultation to get started with your next project.