custom A-Frames

A-frame signs are also commonly known as sidewalk signs or sandwich boards. These portable signs are a highly effective way to draw customers to your business for a not so high price. You might have seen these kinds of signs outside of retail locations or restaurants in an effort to draw in crowds or advertise specials.

These simple and affordable signs are a great way to improve your marketing efforts. A-frames are the perfect way to capture the attention of pedestrians walking by your business. By printing a personalized message on your sidewalk sign, it can be the determining factor of a person entering or not. SpeedPro East Bay will work to help you not only create a unique design but provide high-quality signs that can be used indoors or outdoors.


A-frames can commonly be referred to as sidewalk signs but they aren’t just used on sidewalks. Here are other ways that a-frames can be used:

  • OPEN HOUSES: Real estate agents find a-frames especially useful when advertising and promoting an open house. These help to direct pedestrians and drivers to the location that the open house is taking place. Typically these a-frames are set up on blocks prior to capture their attention and give them guidance.
  • PROMOTION: Happy hours and huge sales are things you won’t want to miss promoting. By having a sign sharing these promotions, you’re enticing people to come in that were passing by and may not have come in otherwise.
  • ON THE ROAD: If a road is closed an a-frame is a great way to notify people. Or, if there is a detour, a-frames are typically used to guide the detour route.
  • GRAND OPENING OR JUST MOVED: Grand openings or moving locations are both big announcements and things you’ll want people to notice. By putting an a-frame out front, this makes it easily visible and won’t be missed.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Take advantage of the opportunity to get more people to attend your events by advertising your event ahead of time. You can put an ad on your a-frame to create buzz beforehand and then put an a-frame sign out when the event is happening to attract more people and help them find where to enter.
  • TODAY’S SPECIAL AND OTHER FUN MESSAGES: Make your a-frame sign fun. Choose a witty message or use a little humor to put a smile on a person’s face and intrigue them into entering your store or restaurant.


SpeedPro East Bay can help you to create your custom a-frame sign that reflects you and your brand in the most accurate and effective way. However, you’ll want to consider a few things first:

  • SIMPLE IS KEY: People are walking by quickly, cars are driving by fast which only leaves them a short amount of time to read your sign. Keep it simple. You may be tempted to include every little detail about your promotion, however refrain from doing this and keep it concise and to the point. You can use witty humor or offer an irresistible deal that will catch the eye quickly. By also using bold graphics and colors it will help people to slow down a little bit and take a second look at your sign.
  • BE SEEN: Sandwich boards and a-frames aren’t the newest technology or form of advertising out there. However, they are still effective and you just have to stand out from the others in front of businesses. Use vibrant colors or some funny quotes that help to capture the attention of people passing by. Leverage whatever it is that makes your brand the brand that it is and make it come to life.
  • MAKE IT EASY TO CHANGE: You shouldn’t be stuck with one sign for life. Instead, choose an option that gives you the chance to change it out whenever you have a great new idea or when the promotion is ending and another one begins. We have options that allow you to change out the panels from the hardware and then reinsert them when you have a new graphic. You can also save the old ones for when the promotion comes back around. Or, dry-erase laminates are a fun way to let you get creative. This option works only with dry-erase markers but it lets you change the message each day and if you’re artistic you can draw your own images.
  • CONSIDER THE WEATHER: If your a-frame is going outdoors, you’ll definitely want to think about this one. If it’s going to be exposed to wind and rain then you’ll want a sturdy option that can be filled with water or sand to keep it stable. If it’s in a location where the sun is beating down on it, consider a laminate to protect the graphic.

SpeedPro East Bay will work with you to help you determine what is the best a-frame option for your needs. Contact us or give us a call at 510.298.0699 to get started on your next a-frame project.