printing on canvas

Stunning photos always capture the eye, but there is something extraordinary when captivating images are displayed in canvas form. The elegant, matte presentation of canvas can take a mere picture and transform it into a work of art.  

There is also something magical about transforming a sketch, watercolor, or a child’s art piece into canvas form that can be given as gifts to family and friends – or sold online in your eCommerce store. 

Upscale Art and Images by Converting Them to Canvas

We love the look on our clients’ faces when they see that once-in-a-lifetime vacation photo, the landscape that happened to be captured on the road, or a child’s portrait when it’s printed on canvas.  

While there is no doubt that canvas can elevate an image, the key is to choose the right image, and a printer experienced in working with canvas. 

Choose the right canvas printer

That latter point is essential. Sending a photo you think is great to an online canvas printer is risky. For one, you have zero personal input about whether that photo or image will translate as well as you think. You also lack access to personalized recommendations about the optimal size, image cropping, best layout, etc. So, you might end up with more disappointment than joy when you receive their package in the mail. 

Instead, we recommend working with a local printer that specializes in canvas printing. That way, we can tell you which photos would work best, and we’ll show you digital proofs right there – in real-time. You can look at how a series of similar images would look on the canvas, choosing the one you think works best. That way, you are 100% guaranteed to be satisfied with the resulting canvas(es). 

Some of the reasons our clients come to usagain and again, to convert photos or images on canvas include: 

They look great in any interior design

There is a timeless quality to canvas prints that work well in any interior design. Over the decades, the final canvas will look as at home within a traditional or contemporary design theme as it would in the most modern corporate office or lobby. 

They’re not glossy

There can be a dated and high-maintenance aspect to framed photos when it comes to dusting, getting fingerprints off the glass fronts, the style of the frames themselves (which shift over time), the dilapidated interior from a DIY matting/framing job, etc.  

The matte look and simplicity of stretched canvas over a frame means no more worrying about degradation or style issues as long as you adhere to the printer’s recommendation for care. Those instructions are simple: try to keep canvases out of long-term, direct sun exposure, dust them with a lint-free cloth from time to time, and you can even use a damp, warm cloth with mild soap if needed). 

Their budget-friendly nature

Have you ever researched the cost of hiring an artist to paint a personal or family portrait? A high-quality canvas like that would be thousands of dollars. With canvas printing, however, you can take your favorite images of loved ones or the family (we love the incredible candid shots we get to print of children, couples, bridal partiespets, etc.) and convert them onto canvas for no more than double or triple digits. 

Plus, there is a priceless quality offered by seeing an image you or a loved one captured, and now looks so professionally artistic. 

Get ultimate size-specificity

Canvases come in a vast range of sizes, including some long-narrow or short-wide options. This is very different from the photography world, where print sizes are pretty fixed, and custom sizes can be nearly impossible to accomplish without a notable custom expense. 

Pretty much anything looks great on canvas

We do believe that experienced, professional printing helps – but honestly, pretty much anything looks good on canvas. In fact, canvas can make average photos look legendary when you select the right ones. Canvas can do for human faces what black-and-white prints are known for – they gracefully blend some of the blemishes, lines, and “imperfections” into smoother, faux-airbrushed version. 

Tips for Optimizing Canvas Prints

That being said, there are exceptions to the “everything looks great on canvas rule,” so here are some things to keep in mind: 

Photos and images that look best on canvas

  • Black and whites 
  • Architectural snapshots 
  • Wildlife photos 
  • Portraits 
  • Both high- and low-contrast images 
  • Landscapes 
  • Both low- and high-saturated images work 

Photos or images that don’t look as great on canvas

  • Photos where people or animals are very small (they won’t be defined) 
  • Dense collages or images where lines/transitions/small detail are essential to the overall look 

By working with a printer in person, you’ll get professional input as to whether your desired photo or image will work. Most of the time, the answer will be yes. If you bring us something that we feel won’t translate as well as you’re hoping, we’ll be honest, explain why not, and make recommendations. Perhaps cropping, photo editing, or choosing a similar photo or image without the problem areas will yield the exact effect you’re looking for. 

The experienced and professional graphic design and printing team here at SpeedPro East Bay would love to help you print your favorite photos and images on canvas. We promise the result will be high-quality, durable, and timeless heirlooms that your family and friends will enjoy for decades to come. Contact us to learn more or to send us your desired images. You can also give us a call at (510) 298-0699 if you’d like to speak to us in person.