personalized wedding graphics for your big day

Some of the personalized graphics used for weddings and receptions are no-brainers – things like save-the-dates, invitations, and “Thank Yous.” However, professional graphic designers and printers have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves for using printable goods to enhance everything about your wedding – from event directions and parking, to banners, posters and more.

Create unique Wedding Designs using your colors, initials or other special symbols

Most of the wedding invitations and materials out there are based on generic logos, fonts, or boiler-plate symbols that any couple can use. If you have an image, vision, or idea that is different from what you’ve seen – or you’d like to branch out from the pack and have your own wedding “brand,” – professional graphic designers are your best friends.

We’ll work with you, using your ideas, mottos, favorite quotes, images, or special symbols as inspiration as we design your very own wedding/couple logo. The resulting graphics can be used on any materials chosen to promote your big day, and you can take it with you into the future for holiday cards, linen monograms, and future family celebrations.

Use Personalized signage to make guests feel at home

In the era of destination weddings, it’s easy for out-of-town guests to feel a little out of place, especially when they aren’t members of the wedding party. We can work with your venue and/or your wedding planner to create themed signage that helps guests feel right at home and in sync with the event’s itinerary.

This includes things like:

  • Directional signage for the roads leading up to the venue
  • Parking signage and directions
  • Wedding event itinerary/information (which banquet room(s), bar(s), restaurant(s), etc. will wedding-related activities take place)
  • A “you are here” map, noting areas of interest in the venue, or in the general community

Consider the information those unfamiliar with the area or venue would want to know to be comfortable, and graphic printing will solve it.

Backdrops for photo ops

Anyone who’s been to a big wedding knows that while the bride and groom are the focal points, the guests enjoy the family reunion-style energy. In many instances, a family wedding is the first time long-distance family members have seen each other in many years, and it’s the place where two “in-law” families have time to get to know one another and establish bonds.

You can give everyone a unique chance to create lifetime memories by creating a customized backdrop for a photo station. Not only will your guests love it, but you can also leave disposable digital cameras in the area to get candid shots of family and friends that may never happen with the same level of authenticity in front of the photographer’s camera. Some of these may wind up being your very favorite images from the wedding day and reception – your photo-op images included!

Romantic, fun, or silly Wedding Graphics On posters

So many of the great photos taken of you by your engagement/wedding photographer go unseen. Your wedding day and reception venue provide a great opportunity to convert those into welcome banners, announcement signs, a poster saying “Thank You,” behind the table where your favors are there for the taking, etc.

We’ve made everything from a beautiful poster with the bride and groom’s name, date, and wedding motto or quote to hang as a backdrop to their vow site to thank you banners created and signed to decorate the restaurant where the day-after brunch takes place.

A guest book for the walls

The idea behind guest books is worthy, but they’re rarely viewed once couples are back from their honeymoons and have resumed “normal life.” We can create a beautiful, farmable or canvas-style or specialty print work of art using photos or images of you. Serving as your guest book, with special pens, guests can sign the image and leave personal messages. Once it’s framed or mounted on your wall, you have a personal work of art that will last a lifetime.

Let Us Help With Your Special Day

The team here at SpeedPro East Bay looks forward to putting our creative minds to work, designing and producing personalized graphics and prints for your upcoming wedding. Contact us online or give us a call – (510) 298-0699 – to schedule a consultation. Let the celebrations begin!