Maintaining your vehicle wrap is like maintaining your own personal appearance.  You wouldn’t walk around in sloppy clothes and your hair a mess while representing your business. So why would you drive around a vehicle with a worn out or dirty vehicle wrap? Cars require regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation and the same should apply to your vehicle wrap. It’s not just for the sole purposes of appearances but it can also help to:

Extend the Life of Your Wrap – The more you regularly care for your wrap the longer the lifespan will be.  This helps to prevent the big repairs later on down the line if you catch them little by little.

Make the Message Easier to Read – If your logo and phone number are covered in dirt and dust, it will make it difficult for people to see your information and can potentially lose business.

Give a Positive First Impression – When you’re on the road, the goal of your vehicle wrap is to capture attention.  Let it be a positive reaction by showing that you care about the products and services that you offer.  A beat up wrap with grime can easily make passerby look the other way.


how to maintain your vehicle wrap

The most important thing when thinking about how to maintain your vehicle wrap is to avoid car washes as much as possible.  There may be the occasion where you need a quick wash and you don’t have the time.  In this case, running it through a car wash isn’t the worst thing but there are a few things to consider

maintaining your vehicle wrap


Avoid Brushes – These scrubbing brushes or self car washes can damage the wrap by scratching and scraping

the surface.  This can, in turn, start to lift portions of the vehicle wrap where there are seams and those slow lifts will eventually turn to larger peeling.

Avoid Wax – Many waxes contain ingredients that can be damaging to the surface of the wrap so avoid any waxing.

Avoid Pressure Washing – Using a pressure washer is more likely to cause a wrap to peel or chip over time.  It can also make current peeling even worse.  If you absolutely need to pressure wash, try to use a low pressure with lukewarm water.

These methods should all be avoided as often as possible.  However, we understand that time and accessibility are a factor so just use caution when using brushes, wax, or pressure washing.  The best solution for maintaining your vehicle wrap will be a good old hand wash at least every couple of weeks.  Be sure to use soap specific to washing cars or a mild laundry or dish detergent.  You’ll want to be sure that the soap doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients or alcohol before beginning.  If you’re concerned that it may contain some, test it out on a small out of sight area to be sure.


stain removal on your vehicle wrap

Stains and spills on a vehicle are unavoidable especially when you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  From tree sap, bug splats, bird droppings, and moist mornings and nights, there are lots of opportunities for your wrap to get spots.  However, don’t feel like you need to replace the entire wrap.  Instead, spot treat it by thoroughly soaking the stained area with hot and soapy water.  You’ll want to let the soap sit on the stain for a couple of minutes and then it’ll be easier to remove.  Sometimes accidental spills of gasoline may occur by the gas cap and in this case, you’ll want to take action quickly.  First, wipe off the fuel and then wash the wrapped portion with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

In any of these cases if soapy water doesn’t do the trick, you’ll want to use something stronger but be careful. When trying to remove sticky stuff try using something specific to this such as goo-gone or tar remover.  You can also dilute isopropyl alcohol with water.  You’ll want to be sure to test this on a smaller area first before using it on the full wrap.

vehicle wrap in car wash


protecting your vinyl wrap

Let’s face it, you can’t keep your vehicle wrap perfect forever.  However, there are ways to protect it and keep it lasting as long as possible.  Parking in a garage is going to be ideal as it will shield from the sun and rain but this isn’t always an option.  In that case, protect your car by draping it with a fabric cover.  This can also be a hassle if you drive your vehicle every day so in this case, cleaning your vehicle regularly will help to avoid some of this damage.  Keep an eye out on your wrap and take note if you see any brown or rust issues.  Pollution or smog is most likely going to be the cause of this and then it may be time to remove the current wrap and apply a new one.

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