Marketing emphasis is largely geared towards digital formats these days, but there is something to be said about good ol’ fashioned door hangers. Unlike their snail mail counterparts, which get mixed with the rest of the mail pack, and too-often making its way into the trash, door hangers are visible, tangible, and must be removed.  

This gives prospects and customers a one-on-one opportunity to learn more about your brand, your business, and your latest marketing campaign. 

door hangers marketing campaign

5 Proven Ideas to Design, Print, and Use Door Hangers That Generate Sales

There are several reasons well-designed door hangers give marketers the edge over their competitors: 

  • They aren’t lumped in with the rest of the junk mail 
  • Nobody can ignore them because they have to take them off the doorknob to enter the space 
  • Reputable brands use door hangers all the time to communicate with customers (utilities, delivery services, the post office, etc.), so people are in the habit of reading door hanger text 
  • Their tangible nature means customers must physically and visually engage with content, something you can’t otherwise guarantee 
  • They’re costeffective, so ROI may be exponentially higher than competitors’ who use the standard – but more costly – marketing efforts 

While door hangers are one of the least-used marketing weapons in most companies’ arsenals, we have five proven ideas to help you resurrect and increase targeted buyer interest and sales. 

1. Research your demographics and place hangers accordingly

It’s true that door hangers are affordable, but that’s no reason to be wasteful. Thoroughly researching your demographics is key to ensuring the door hangers are only hung on the doorknobs of likely prospects, rather than those who are least likely to want or need you. 

For example, if you’re a landscaping service, you don’t want to waste time placing door hangers on the residents’ doorknobs in an apartment complex. You may, however, want to target the manager’s office. If you know the bulk of your business is walk-in from local neighborhoods, figure out the realistic radius and isolate door hangers to the homes/businesses within that circumference. 

Take into consideration your target demographic’s: 

  • age 
  • gender 
  • income 
  • geographic location 
  • buying habits 
  • marital/family status 
  • hobbies and interests 
  • Location/proximity to your business (if relevant)

Finally, you want to track the success of your demographic homework and its door hanger application. Create door hanger-specific URLs and/or codes for quantifiable evidence of its effectiveness. 

Speaking of demographics: If you’re here in the Bay Area, we highly recommend prioritizing green marketing strategies. Smaller would be better in terms of waste, and compostable materials (stated beneath your text) will make the offer more appealing to our eco-conscious culture. 

2. Develop an impossible-to-resist offer

Door hangers are useful, but only if they don’t become a nuisance. You don’t want to hang them every week or people get annoyed rather than inspired.  

With that in mind, you want to utilize door hangers when your offer is so compelling it can’t help but strike interest in the heart of its recipient. This offer is the core of the door hanger’s design, thus making it central and visible in the design packs a more powerful punch. 

3. Remember them at your next tradeshow

If you pair a fantastic “get to know us” or “try us out” offer, with your tradeshow attendance, you can spike your number of qualified contacts as well as brand visibility. Now, create a clever slogan or compelling theme (“try us once, and we’ll never disturb you again…”) and get your team into all of the hotels most likely to be used by tradeshow attendees to start hanging them on guests’ doors. 

Your door hanger just became part of the schwag scene, but far away from the masses. This makes it more powerful because the offer can’t help but stand out. Get your more creative marketing pros on the team to create clever, catchy, and respectable jokes, puns, themes, turns-of-phrase, and tie-ins to make tradeshow door hanger offers as irresistible as possible. 

If you happen to get caught in the distribution act (this goes for non-tradeshow door hangers too), you have a remarkable opportunity for positive face-time and one-on-one conversation with your prospects. 

4. Give the offer a deadline

Offers are good, but offers that expire are better for this type of marketing. People need to feel the squeeze to take action. The combination of a great, one-of-a-kind offer – paired with visually appealing presentation and an expiration deadline – makes the recipient more apt to get online and “Click Here,” “sign up,” or “contact you,” in the immediate moment, before recycling or tossing the door hanger. 

5. Dazzle them with your door hanger design

So, you’ve planned the general idea – but now it’s time to get down to design and printing business, producing door hangers that look amazing and convey your message quickly and simply.  

For that, you’ll need to: 

  • Work with a professional graphic design and printer who has success with door hanger design and has recent business referrals who can vouch for them. If you already work with a printer, ask them about package deals. You may find you’ll get a better price for your door hangers if you pair them with another order you were planning on anyway, like banners or new letterhead. 
  • Utilize the perfect color combinations and logos/graphics as it needs to be as simple as it can for appeal and ease of scanning, while still aligning with your brand’s aesthetic. 
  • Specifically select images that resonate with the target demographic, which many mean targeted door hanger (slight variations in design/wording to appeal to different recipients). 

Are you ready to leverage well-designed door hangers for your next successful marketing campaign? Contact SpeedPro East Bay, and let’s get started.