Museums and institutions that foster an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) should be available to all – especially young adults. The availability of such institutions fosters an attitude of curiosity – an essential part of education – and personal growth. Unfortunately, there are segments of society with limited access to these sorts of venues. However – institutions such as the Lawrence Hall Of Science At The University Of California, Berkeley are working diligently to change that status quo.

Lawrence Hall Of Science

The Lawrence Hall Of Science is more than just a physical space. The passionate educators and scientists who are behind the activities of the Hall are dedicating themselves to producing educational material and programs that will make a real difference to learners. This is accomplished through programs that reach across the education continuum – from informal educational opportunities to afterschool outreaches and also in the more formal K-12 environment. Of course, the importance of the science center itself should not be downplayed; it is integral to the success of Hall’s outreach programs. It is a valuable asset where learners can experience the wonder of exploring the many facets of science and other associated STEM disciplines.

Ever since Hall opened in 1968, it has committed itself to a policy of allowing learners to grow their knowledge by learning through hands-on interaction with the subject matter. The research-based activities of the Lawrence Hall of Science are essential – especially in a world where science is making discoveries every day. The events of this institution are aimed at providing educators and policymakers with the necessary tools to understand what concepts students need to grasp – about the natural world, as well as how those students can effectively absorb complex concepts in the field of science. By contributing to the establishment of standards, the Hall is part of the increasingly important task of setting standards that relate to the Common Core approach to education. It is these standards that will allow more students to gain access to college-level education – in California and across the United States.

The dedicated professionals at The Lawrence Hall Of Science understand that the world is becoming an increasingly challenging place and that science and its associated skills can lead the way towards a brighter future for not only those students touched by its programs – but for humanity at large. The programs are aimed not only at students – but also at those who are currently active in the world of science. The programs aim to encourage and foster the idea of cooperation among stakeholders – and provide scientists with the tools they require to communicate with potential partners.

However – the focus must of necessity be on the learners. The quantity and quality of science learning must undergo a process of continuous improvement – and that improvement must provide access to learners across a broad spectrum of learning environments. A dedication to educating those who can provide the solutions, technology, concepts, and policies is essential – and that is what the professionals at The Lawrence Hall Of Science strive to accomplish.



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