Consistent Quality

Shopping in stores can either be a stressful or relaxing experience.  Help to create a positive experience through your great, big, graphics.  This all begins with your storefront signage.  3-dimensional acrylic raised lettering signs as well as illuminated signs can help potential customers locate you more easily especially at night time.  Window graphics are another way to help with your marketing.  These can be perfect for advertising special promotions and sales or if you just want to decorate your windows for the holidays.  Our high-quality vinyl can be used for either long-term or short-term seasonal graphics.  If you decide to take them down later, your windows are safe from residue.  A-frames and sidewalk signs can help to capture the attention of shoppers.  These can be placed right at your storefront with a welcoming message, or give information on current sales to get people interested.  Retractable banners are another option and these can be used for indoor or outdoor use.  Lastly, blade signs can help pedestrians with locating your store while walking down the street.

Don’t limit your retail store signs to fabricated signage but get creative inside your store. A wall mural can be the eye-catching piece that gets people wanting to stay longer.  This could be your logo, an image that reflects your brand, or models with your clothes on.  Either way, a giant wall mural is sure to wow any shopper and may even attract photo opportunities to really get some buzz around your brand.  Posters are another way to give shoppers visual aids.  These can be images of the item on a model so they can see what the product looks like without even trying it on.  For larger stores, wayfinding signage can help shoppers easily navigate through the different departments and find exits and restrooms more easily.  If your store has an elevator, consider elevator wraps.  These can be a fun way to market special products or seasonal trends to shoppers that are waiting on and riding the elevator.


No Shoppers Remorse

Want to attract those last minute decision makers?  Point of purchase displays are the go-to option.  These can be set up at the cash wrap with items that customers can add-on to their purchase.  The cash wrap should also have your logo on it, which could either be cut vinyl or raised lettering to really let your name pop.

Vehicle graphics are another option if you want to take your marketing outside of your store.  This can have your store logo and website on it if you have online shopping available.  Maybe you attend events where you share your product and need printed promotional items like custom printed tents, table covers, or banners.  We’ve got you covered along with the smaller items like business cards, brochures, and flyers.

When working with SpeedPro East Bay, we like to make the process easy to get your retail store signs complete.  Our creative team will take your brand and vision and make it come to life with big, bold, graphics.  We can do a site visit to ensure that we fully understand your goals.  It also allows us to give feedback and suggestions by seeing the space personally.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.