High-quality flawless prints are an absolute must when it comes to museum graphics and SpeedPro East Bay understands this.  From your full exhibition signage down to your directional signs, a clean and professional look is key.  When contemplating your wayfinding signage, consider incorporating clear, visible signs with easy to read text.  Foot traffic should flow smoothly through exhibits to avoid confusion and provide a more pleasurable experience.  This includes your restroom, exit, and exhibit room signs.  We can do this through 3-dimensional raised lettering or direct print to metal, PVC plastic or acrylic.  Custom posters advertising souvenirs for sale in a gift shop can be a great way to attract attendees to visit the museum store.  Window graphics are another option for outside windows to get passerby interested as well as to display any featured exhibits.  They can also be useful on doors and windows inside of the museum that you may want to block off when a certain exhibit is closed.  Cut vinyl wording can also be applied to windows but also walls as well.



Labels and exhibit descriptions are essential in museums.  We specialize in the printing and cutting of individual letters to get a clean result every time.  We can produce exhibit labels with text as fine as 1/2″ tall.  At SpeedPro East Bay, we have the ability to design these labels or take your design and turn it into an exhibit masterpiece. Labels are the perfect solution to help people transition from one exhibit to the next by telling stories of each display as they move along. Our high tech plotter cutter can cut into any detail no matter how fine it is and our precision graphics team can “weed”, mask, and install it without missing a dot on an “i” or a comma mid-sentence.

MOAD museum labels


Exhibits are constantly evolving and we’re right there with you for the process.  Our creative team will sit down with you and your exhibit design team to gain a better understanding of what your goals are.  Our innovative ideas can help to create a memorable experience for your museum visitors through vibrant colors and graphics.  Each exhibit is different in the way that it tells its own story and we want to convey that to your audience.  We can not only assist with the design of an exhibit but with execution as well.  If you have an idea but are unsure how to execute it, our problem-solving skills can almost always get the job done.  When working with SpeedPro East Bay, we’re all about collaboration.  We offer a full range of ideas and services, however, we want you to still feel in control and be hands-on with your work.



Details and precision in museum graphics are essential.  From color coordination and image resolution to branding consistency, we have the tools to get this done.  Our color matching technology will ensure that your graphics will all be in line with each other.  Our wide variety of materials helps to inspire ideas and create memorable masterpieces that give your museum the professional top-quality it deserves.  To really stand out, our specialty printing can be a great choice.  Canvas prints and gallery wraps can achieve the look of a classic art piece whereas our specialty photo paper can enrich high-end photography.  Our direct print to acrylic and glass options can give depth to your exhibit by using standoffs during installation.  Creating this 3-dimensional effect can be a fun visual aid.  Finally, wood and metal prints provide that unique touch that can’t be matched.  No matter what you’re trying to achieve, SpeedPro East Bay will help to take your design from an idea to life in exhibit form.  Connect with us today!