Hospitality by definition is the “friendly reception and treatment of guests” so why not do this through your signage?  Create a comforting and welcoming environment at your hotel by using great, big, graphics through hospitality signs and graphics.  This can start before they even enter your doors with the use of window graphics.  These can either be seasonal or long term graphics with your hotel name and logo on them.  We can also cover the entire window or just part of it depending on your preference.  If you’re in a location where you would like a little more privacy, our frosted window vinyl is another option.  This is great for hotel offices as well to ensure privacy.  Does your hotel have a shuttle that takes guests back and forth?  Consider wrapping it so that guests can easily identify which shuttle they should be taking.  If you’re not committed to a full wrap, a partial wrap is another option with just the hotel logo and other important information.

Once a guest is inside your hotel, they should feel at home.  Consider a large printed wall mural in the lobby that greets guests as they arrive.  These can also be great in hallways and rooms to make it more “homey.”  Elevator wraps are another great way to invite guests while also giving you the ability to announce any promotions or events that may be coming up at the hotel.  Your wayfinding signage will also be important for guests.  These signs should be visible and clear directing guests to exits, stairways, front desks, and room numbers.  These signs can be printed on glass, plastic, acrylic, or metal depending on your hotel aesthetic.  Our high-quality materials will give you the professional look that your hotel deserves.  Floor graphics are another different way to direct foot traffic through larger hotels.  Whether there is an event being held or you just want to give easy directions to the front desk, our floor graphic options can get the job done.

CUSTOM HOspitality signs

Every hotel room should have its own unique style.  We can help to achieve this with custom printed artwork.  This can be printed on canvas gallery wraps, glass, wood, or metal.  Stand out with your hotel room art and style by choosing SpeedPro East Bay to get the job done.  Hotels that double as an event venue can get the maximum use of graphics.  If a conference or convention is in town, we can help provide a wide variety of event signage.  This includes directional signs, backdrops, retractable banners, feathered flags, and more.  We can work directly with the event coordinators and now you’ve become the hero that helped offer an additional service.

Our team has over 20 years of collective printing experience and we pride ourselves on top quality results.  Our goal is to bring your marketing vision to life through printed graphics.  Our team will sit down with you and your marketing team to ensure we’re keeping branding consistent.  Excellent results are our top priority and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy. Contact us today for your next hotel graphics project.