Hospitals and urgency go hand in hand and SpeedPro East Bay understands this. Patients need to be able to make their way through the facility quickly and easily.  Your wayfinding signage will be especially important and should be vibrant and clear.  From the moment a patient walks in the door the reception signage, directories, and patient room numbers should be easy to read.  We can help to ensure a smooth flow with 3-dimensional raised acrylic lettering above reception desks, special units, gift shops, and the cafeteria.  These can also be printed to plastic, acrylic, or metal depending on the aesthetic that falls in line with your branding.

Elevator wraps are a creative way to not only welcome patients but also to promote anything special happening at the hospital.  Are there any events like a blood drive coming up or online patient portals that you want to make people aware of?  Consider a visually fun elevator wrap that can convey this information.  Elevators have constant foot traffic all day so your message is sure to be seen.  You can also promote these types of events using retractable banners inside of a hotel lobby with all of the necessary information on it.

When the actual event comes around, table covers, custom printed tents, and banners are great ways to make you easily identifiable.  Maybe you’re attending a festival or conference and need some branding.  SpeedPro East Bay has got you covered and can assist with full design and execution of your setup.  Other branded promotional items like pens, water bottles, and stickers to hand out will help to keep you top of mind.



Custom wall murals are a great way to make any waiting room more visually pleasing.  Give patients something different to look at besides a boring white wall with serene images or a timeline of your hospital’s history.  Wall murals don’t have to be just in the lobby though.  Consider using wall graphics in exam rooms where patients can feel comforted during an uncomfortable exam.  If you really want to get creative, we can put graphics on the ceiling as well so if a patient is lying on the table, they can see a friendly image on the ceiling.

Window graphics are another way that hospitals find us useful and not just on the outside windows.  Conference rooms and offices use frosted window vinyl for privacy.  This can also be used on doors and windows of emergency room entrances, birthing suites, or other specialized areas that require some privacy.  Digital signage is a great option for hotel lobbies which gives real-time updates for visitors, staff, and patients.


healthcare signs with speedpro east bay

Hospitals trust SpeedPro East Bay to be their partner for quality visible healthcare signs.  Our team has over 20 years in collective printing experience so we mean business.  We’ll be sure to use only the highest quality and safest materials that can pass the test in any hospital.  Contact us for a free consultation today to get started on your next project!