Municipal, state and federal governments continue to trust SpeedPro East Bay with custom signage.  Our government signage options are nearly endless from our indoor and outdoor solutions.  Avoid chaos in public buildings, polling stations, and meeting rooms by having clear and easy to follow wayfinding signage.  This kind of signage can be printed on PVC plastic, metal, or acrylic for a modern and clean look.  Overhead signage in government buildings is also important for easy navigation to different “windows,” or areas.  We offer installation services for this as well.

During election time when campaigning is in full effect, yard signs can be popular.  These are printed on corrugated plastic with h-stakes for easy installation in the ground.  Banners are also common during campaign season for rallies, parades, or outdoor festivals.  Custom printed stickers are a fun add-on to pass out which can include all of your campaign information.  Our design team can work with you to help create visual signage that best conveys your political message.  We can then print it to flags, vehicle decals, and backdrops.  Stand out with your great, big, graphics during election time.

When the ballots are ready to be dropped, we have experience in wrapping ballot drop boxes at over 20 different ballot drop locations across the East Bay.  These help voters easily identify where to drop their voter ballot at.



SpeedPro East Bay takes the time to learn the different city specifications before we move into production.  Every city is different and it’s important that we understand what is required for each. Not only do we approach the job with these specs in mind but your budget and timeline are our top priority.  Cross street banners that advertise city events and pole banners that line the street are the perfect example of this.  Every city has their own sizing and installation directions that must be met.  We know what these are already for local cities which helps to take some work off of you.

Emergency response vehicles also have their own individual requirements.  This includes ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, and other government vehicles.  We work with each city on their sizing, logo and reflective graphics needs to get the maximum results on their vehicles.  We also work with local parks and recreation facilities to provide custom signs in parks and on trails.  These vary from trail maps, outdoor safety information, and wildlife information.



We want to make the printing process as easy for you as possible by going the extra mile so you don’t have to.  We’ll worry about the fine details so you can see the bigger picture.  Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in the printing industry so we can help to find the best solution.  During our consultation process, we’ll be able to understand your goals and identify which materials and options are best for you.  When you work with us, you’re part of our creative team.  Contact us today for a consultation to get started with your next project.