SpeedPro East Bay knows that tight timelines often come with events which is why event planners and designers turn to our creative team.  When you’re pressed for time, there is no room for error.  Our fast turnaround and high-quality materials will get the job done correctly whether we have months to prepare or only a few days.  Your event is sure to be a success when you turn to us for signage.  The event itself is only half the battle, however.  Promoting the event ahead of time is essential to its success and getting people in the door.  We can help with generating a campaign for product releases, conventions, tradeshows, or any other occasion.  Before getting started, we’ll sit down with your team and learn what your marketing goals, target audience, and budget are to understand where we want to direct your printed marketing.

In larger venues like hotels, get a head start with advertising your event by using elevator wraps, floor graphics, or wall murals.  These can be installed in the venue several weeks prior to the event to get people interested.  Posters and flyers are other simpler options which you can pass out and/ or place in surrounding businesses to get people looking at your event.  Vehicle graphics also can help to not only create buzz before an event but also add to the environment during.  If you’re not committed to doing a full wrap, consider decals with important info about the event to give people a sneak peek.



The actual event is the main attraction and where your signage will need to be top quality.  SpeedPro East Bay offers a wide variety of specialty materials to planners.  Beginning with the outside, directional signs are going to be essential items.  These will help to direct traffic through parking lots and to the front doors of the main event.  These can be in the form of plastic or metal A-frames with reflective graphics for night events.  If attendees are able to easily navigate their way to your event, they’ll be happy upon entry.  These directional signs inside of the venue will also be essential especially if you’re in a larger venue with lots of different rooms.  Retractable banner stands or foamcore signs on easels will be sure to help with easy foot traffic flow or floor graphics for a more fun aesthetic.  Larger banners at the entryway can help to give a welcome to your attendees and confirm that they’ve made it to the right place.  Photo backdrops are not just for red carpet events either.  These can be in the form of a banner backdrop or easy to set up dye-sublimated graphics and creates a fun photo opportunity for attendees.  This also can help to publicize your event when they post the pictures.



Small graphics are just as important as the larger ones.  Consider miscellaneous products like stickers, decals, table coverings, and flags to complete any set up you have.  Other promotional items like pens, bags, water bottles, and more can be the perfect giveaway with your logo on it to leave a lasting impression.  Sponsorship opportunities are a great way to increase revenue and we can help to give them exposure as well.  We can put their logo on banners, flags, point of purchase displays, column wraps, and more.  Our direct work with these special products allows event coordinators and planners to focus their attention on the larger details of the event.



Every event is different which is why we have something for everyone and each type of event at SpeedPro East Bay.  Our team will sit down with yours to better understand what your goals and challenges are.  We can be thought of as an extension of your marketing team where we’ll bring our fresh ideas to the table and collaborate with you.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next event.