You believe in high quality and so do we.  We use only high-quality materials and eco-friendly inks to provide a wide variety of construction signs.  Banners for construction sites are some of the most common and affordable options.  This allows passerby to know who is working on the project and gives you the space to put your contact information as well.  These can be easily zip tied to a closed off fence and are great for long term outdoor use no matter how long the project or weather conditions.

Aluminum and plastic signs are another option for signs to place in front of a property.  Whether renovating or starting from scratch, you want to be recognized for your work and get the most exposure when on site.  These can either be installed to a fence or put into the ground using a stake depending on whether they’re long or short-term.  Take your marketing off-site with a custom vehicle wrap.  These help to get the most impressions while on the go.  Vehicle wraps can either be a full wrap with branding all around or they can be a partial wrap with your logo and phone number.  We can help with full design and installation for your custom vehicle wrap.



You’re in the industry of construction and design so your office should speak volume to your clients. Let them know that they’re in good hands when they walk into your office and see your bold graphics.  This can be a large wall mural with your mission statement, vision statement or a fun graphic that pieces together top projects your company has worked on.  This not only gives your office a different look but also shows off your capabilities and hard work.  Clients can either look at a standard portfolio or you can give them this more creative option of seeing your work.

To really add to your interior, acrylic signage with company logos upon entrance help clients identify that they’re in the right place and reinforces your branding.  For a fun effect consider specialty prints on wood, metal, or glass with images of featured projects that you’ve done in the past.  These can line your office halls and show off the great work you’ve done.  Window decals on conference room windows or doors can help to enhance the environment as well as frosted vinyl on windows which help to give privacy in offices.



Our mission at SpeedPro East Bay is to bring your design team together with ours to help bring your creative ideas to life.  Our team prides ourselves on our over 20 years of collective experience in the printing industry.  Our fast turnaround is something that cannot be beaten along with our quality customer service.  We will work with you collaboratively every step of the way ensuring that you get a full hands-on experience as well as creative input from us.  Contact us today to get started!