Find the Perfect Match

Auto Dealerships are all about great customer service and here at SpeedPro East Bay, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and production quality in the same way.  Purchasing a new car can be daunting and dreaded with all of the information at hand.  Help make things easier for your potential customers with easy to read and understand signage.  Show them why your dealership is the right choice for them with clean and vibrant signage.  People are putting their trust into you so give them a reason to do so.  At first glance looking at the outside, feathered flags are a great option to line the sidewalk or parking lot perimeter to show off your branding and specials.  Banners are another way to share any promotions that you may have.  Whether it’s a grand opening, seasonal sale, or you have new inventory, this is the easiest way to share this information.  Finally, window graphics can really help to bring in passerby.  These can be full window coverings with featured models, sales, or holiday graphics.  However, they can be more simple with just your name and logo.  We can help with the design and fabrication of these outdoor options to draw in more clientele with great, big, graphics.

Make Car Buying Easy

Help make car buying a breeze with your custom signage.  Signage is not only important for the outside but on the inside as well.  This is where you’ll really want to shine because they’re ready to seal the deal.  Consider custom wall murals to really draw in attention.  These can be scenic images, images of vehicles, road trips, or anything to inspire a potential buyer.  Retractable banners are another option for indoors to give a little more information on the company and vehicles.  Information overload can be overwhelming but if you provide creative visuals along with details, it gives potential customers an easier solution to learning all of their different options.

Think outside the box and choose floor graphics inside the showroom to help guide customers around smoothly and direct them to exactly where you want them.  Take them to new inventory or vehicles on special to help take some load off of you.  These don’t have to be boring arrows, you can get fun and creative with it to stir up conversation.  To really spruce up the inside and give a high end look, etched vinyl on office windows is the way to go.  This is essentially frosted window vinyl to create privacy during these personal transactions but with etched vinyl you can create any design in it.  Give your dealership the professional look it deserves.


speedpro east bay & car dealership signs

SpeedPro East Bay has over year 20 years of collective experience and we pride ourselves on this.  We are willing to go the extra mile with you to really capture the attention of your clients and create buzz.  We can come out to your auto dealership and collaborate with you on how to improve your visual signage.  One other way that car dealerships are able to partner with SpeedPro East Bay is by offering their clients the option of custom vehicle wraps.  This allows the dealership to have another service to offer as well as give us the opportunity to do what we love which is providing great, big, graphics!  This is especially beneficial for commercial vehicles that are just being purchased for a business and need some new branding whether it be a full vehicle wrap or just their logo and phone number.  These can also be useful for custom color changes on specialty vehicles that aren’t ready to commit to paint.  Either way, SpeedPro is ready to help drive your business!