Having lively walls creates community with workers, and customers, company branding awareness, and work production.


Have an Interactive community wall

A workplace where workers are engaged with each other creates a strong work community. A strong work community leads to workers looking forward to going to work and interacting with their co-works/

Adding lively walls in your workspace can be done up by installing walls that encourage and promote interaction between the workers that work there.

Whiteboards, and blackboards are a great way to get employees to collaborate on a project, no matter how big or small it is. Interaction among the worker community increases work culture at a company. Workers are more motivated to engage with other staff members and their own tasks/work/job at work.

A compliment wall is a great way to show praise and appreciate to employees. Employees can write good encouraging comments to other employees. Work community is stronger when employees are able to express their appreciation to one another, whether it is verbal or written praise.

Coloring book walls are another way for workers to collaborate and express themselves. This has them working together to fill and complete the empty wall space and expressing their artist side of themselves.



Add graphics to your wall

Increase brand awareness to your office walls with fun graphics that represent your brand. Graphics can be artwork that are only used by your company, to even photos of work that your company has done. These wall graphics will help both workers and visitors to remember and recall your brand, and your company.


Paint the walls

Fill those bland office walls with the colors of your company. Adding the colors of your company to your walls will bring company branding to the inside of your building.


Showcase Local art

Building customer community by displaying art done by local artist on the walls. This will implement a more strong community with customers by bringing awareness of your company to the surrounding local community by outreaching to the local artist that are a part of your neighboring area.

touches of inspiration

Motivate your employees with quotes or words that motivate them to get thru the day. This inspirational graphics will lead to good vibes and work ethic which results in good business for your company. And this will also contribute to a good work culture at your company.

Adding these select touches of inspiration will promote your company’s values, goals, and mission. It will also spread brand awareness about your company to your workers and visitors.

Decorate your walls or windows with these text of inspiration. Walls with words of inspiration increase the production rate of workers as well.


Adding these types of graphics all will lead to increased work production. Studies by the Sign Research Foundation, found that  60 percent of businesses increased their production by an increased 10 percent after adding new large graphics and pictures to their workplace’s walls.