Holiday shoppers are out and about, meaning you have greater opportunities for brand exposure. The right signage can lead to new, quality prospects and leads, right to your door or website. And, expertly designed, worded, and installed signage can entice your current customers to buy more. 

Optimize holiday signage

7 Tips to Optimize Holiday Signage and Promotions

Here are some tips to create captivating and engaging signage that makes viewers want to learn more or immediately take advantage of current promotions. 

1. Optimize Your Window Space

If your business isn’t as retail-oriented as others, this is the time to make your window space work doubletime for you. We recommend visiting our post, 5 Reasons Why Window Graphics Are a Must, for specifics. 

Some of the tenets of window signage include: 

  • Using your logo and brand slogans to build familiarity with those who’ve passed you by without notice in the past 
  • Promoting special offers or discounts for anyone who enters your store/business in person to learn more  
  • Creating customized, temporary graphics so you can create seasonal interest throughout the year – recapitalizing on your initial investment 

Window graphics are a nice way to anchor exactly where you are located on the block, or in the building, which is important at this darker, rainier, and harder-to-see-afterhours time of year. 

2. Re-Think Directional Signage 

There’s almost no such thing as too much directional signageThat’s especially true at a time of year when you’re likely to have new customers walk through your doorAlso, holiday shoppers are often in a hurry, or already burned out on holiday gift hunting/shopping, so your signage may prevent them from giving up and walking out before you get the sale 

If your store has lots of aisles, create temporary signage that clearly directs people to specific product genres or categories. Make sure they can find the bathrooms and drinking fountain, or your holiday-themed coffee/tea/refreshments bar. 

Walk the store as if you’ve never been in there before and create signage accordingly. And, as always, don’t forget to make sure any new or seasonal signage is ADA compliant. 

3. Look for Banner Opportunities to Post Signage 

And, by “banner,” we mean that literally. Banners are a highly visible way to promote your business, and they are easier to read than the signage over your door, on windows, or sidewalk sandwich boards.  

Things to consider when creating holiday season banners: 

  • Will you be attending off-site events where portable banners can draw more attention to your brand, products, and services? 
  • Is there a way to create repeatable models so your investment can be rolled out (or hung out) year after year, rather than creating allnew one-and-done banners? 
  • Have you contacted your city, town, or consulted with your HOA or business district’s CC&Rs to make sure banners are allowedIf so, have you gone through the proper approval/permitting process to install them? 

Visit, When to Use Banners, for more ideas this season. 

4. Holiday-tize Your Colors & Logo

Is there a way to create a holiday theme with your current brand logo, graphics, or colors? A professional graphic design and printing team is an excellent resource for re-thinking your brand through a holiday filter.  

Using the handy-dandy color wheel and your current logo or graphics, we can help you come up with clever – or just plain classy and compelling – themes using your brand’s existing visuals. This holiday upgrade can be just the thing to add extra interest, energy, and pizazz to advertising and marketing efforts. 

5. Be as Social as Possible

Just because someone passes by, doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. It’s essential that your holiday signage, banners, window graphics, etc., display all of the ways your company is social. Include your Twitter handle – and all of your other social media icons – on signage so people can connect with you on the go, even if they don’t have time to stop by in person. 

6. Advertise Post-Holiday Deals or Promotions

So much is focused on the “Buy Now!” and “Save Now!” mantras because ‘tis the shopping season. However, companies that are more service-oriented, or whose products aren’t as high in demand over the holidays are wise to think just beyond this season – and into the new year. Maybe you’re best served by switching your mantra to a “we know you’re busy – so we’re here for you next year…” vibe, designing signage and promotions accordingly. 

Consider offers, promotions, or savings that people can read about now. That way they can look forward to revisiting you when they have more time and space – after the holiday madness has died down. 

7. Bring the Signage Home with Door Hangers

Have you thought about using door hangers? If your business predominantly profits from specific neighborhoods, demographics, or you’re interested in developing a particular niche, door hangers are a smart way to go about it. 

Less apt to be immediately junked the way mailbox stuffers, your door hangers are directly engaging. Door hangers require physical engagement from occupants when entering their doors or hallways – creating an excellent opportunity to communicate with them. 

The experienced and professional graphic design and printing team here at SpeedPro East Bay has decades of experience working with Bay Area Business. We know exactly how to help you get the most from your holiday signage, so contact us at (510) 298-0699, to get the ideas flowing. We’d love to help you experience the most successful holiday season yet.