Freeways and streets are the most visible areas for vehicles to be seen. And if you’ve driven anywhere you probably have seen a wrapped car, van, bus or truck. Vehicle wraps are used in a various amount of ways. Some people wrap their car to be a new color and others may use it to showcase their art or to promote their business. Advertising a brand is the top reason vehicles get wrapped fully or partially. You might be thinking what’s the difference between a full wrap and a partial vehicle wrap.

Advertising with vehicle wraps

It is very popular to wrap a company vehicle because a moving wrapped car is a mobile billboard that can reach a massive amount of potential customers. According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America,  transit advertising accounts for between 16% and 18% of all revenue in the out-of-home advertising industry. Which furthermore means that transit advertisements are more effective than billboards that are above buildings.  It is a smart investment for companies to wrap their vehicles.

why are car wraps a great advertising tool

Consumers are in their vehicles averagely at 18 hours a week from driving to go shopping, eating out, and commuting to work and home. 70% of shoppers say that they are influenced to do a purchase from seeing an out-of-home ad.

The best part of using wraps as advertisements are their longevity. Instead of a billboard or a magazine ad that may only run for a limited amount of time, a vehicle wrap will be seen every day for years to come, as long as the wrap is well-maintained. Transit advertising provides some of the best returns-on-investment in the industry.

Full vehicle Wrap

Vehicles with a full wrap are great if a company has the funds to do. Full wraps make any vehicle pop and a hard to miss and forget visual. The roof, sides, front and back of a vehicle will be covered in a wrap. With a full wrap, a company would be able to put more information and graphics onto their vehicle.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

If you are on a budget but still would like to put graphics on your vehicle then do a partial wrap. This wrap can be installed on your hood, trunk, and/or sides. You can also use this wrap seasonally; changing your graphics with the most needed product or service for that season.

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