digital custom printing

Despite the innovations of home printing methods, digital custom printing is on the rise. Why? Because the truth is that the average individual simply doesn’t have the graphic design skills and artistry – nor the high-tech equipment – required to create the quality of prints they desire. Plus, the typical printer could never produce the large format graphics that are the staple of the 21st-century professional printing studio’s business.

Home and low-tech printing products look cheap, aren’t durable, and cannot achieve the professional look and longevity available from professional graphic design and printing studios. So, it’s no surprise that even in this DIY digital era, our Bay Area printing shop has never been busier.

Custom Digital Prints for Businesses and Professionals

Our loyal roster of businesses and professionals seek our help for a myriad of printing modalities.

Some of the most common include:

Vehicle and fleet wraps

Interested in boosting visibility in your service areas? Vehicle and fleet wraps are the way to do it. In addition to dressing up and professionalizing your fleet of business trucks, vans, cars, or bikes, vehicle wraps can also be put on employee vehicles, so they promote your business in local neighborhoods – as well as the major highways and byways. Many companies offer monetary credits in exchange for wrapping their employees’ cars, which is an attractive bonus for employees.

Wraps can be full- or partial – and are preferable to more permanent and costly paint jobs. The good news is that high-quality vehicle wraps last just as long as paint if they’re well-maintained. We’ll help you determine the colors, fonts, logos, and slogans that will look best – and are easiest to read – at 40 mph and faster.

Print Billboards

As long as we’re on the topic of advertising and marketing on-the-go, have you considered the benefits of custom print billboards? The statistics regarding print billboards and their effect on increased contacts and sales are impressive.

For example:

58% of consumers notice new events or businesses advertised on billboards, and frequently pursue further information or contact as a result

56% of passersby who see something humorous on a billboard take interest and share it with others

50% of people who see a billboard advertising a store or business that interests them eventually visit the company’s website or brick-and-mortar location to learn more

25% of survey participants say they have visited a website, remembered a phone number, or followed social media as a result of compelling billboard advertisements

Billboards are a regular part of the scenery for commuters, and the repetition of seeing your company’s name in print, along with compelling logos, images, and CTAs may be just what you need to boost business this year.

Tradeshow and event flyers

Will you be attending, hosting, or promoting tradeshows or other events this year? Looking for new ways to promote your products and services? Interested in branching into a new target market niche?

The design of tradeshow and event flyers matters when it comes to increasing visibility – and engaging greater brand awareness across a new market potential. Custom printing – assisted by professional graphic designers –takes in-house design potential further via input from outside professionals’ insight, observations, and fresh perspective.

Large format graphics for your brick-and-mortar business

Have a brick-and-mortar business or storefront? There are all kinds of ways digital custom printing supports visibility and brand awareness. Examples include:

Architectural signage

Wall murals

Window graphics

Exterior banners

These are a sampling of the products produced by custom printing services, all designed to build and develop brand awareness in your community and beyond. Consulting with a professional graphic designer and printing studio is the best way to ensure you’re optimizing custom printing options.

Digital Custom Printing for Personal Use & Private Events

Businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from digital custom printing services. There are multiple ways a professional printing studio can serve you in your personal life.

Some examples include:

Wedding graphics and prints

There are a myriad of ways custom printing options enhance wedding visuals and the special events surrounding your big day. From the basic invitations and banners to directional signage and gift ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Converting favorite photos into canvas works of art

One of the most exciting ways to savor your favorite photos or precious images is to transfer them to canvas. Our gallery wraps and specialty print options can transform the look and feel of your home’s interior design. The ability to choose custom sizes and large format options, combined with the special knowledge that the images and photos were captured by yourself or loved ones, make this a truly priceless printing option.

Wall murals

Looking for a unique way to decorate your walls? There’s no need to hire a personal artist. We can print custom wall murals and decor, based on your own designs, a favorite work of art, or a custom design that we create around on your interior color scheme and style. It’s a competitively priced way to transform the interior of your home with one-of-a-kind designs.

It’s no wonder that digital custom printing is on the rise. Pair up with the professional team of graphic designers and printers here at SpeedPro East Bay to learn more about the ways digital custom printing can transform your life – both professionally and personally. Contact us to learn more. 510-298-0699.