best tradeshow flyer

Tradeshow visuals come in a full-spectrum, from small-format to large-format options. While well-designed flyers are on the smaller side of that spectrum, they pack a powerful punch when it comes to directing prospects to your booth, creating an enticing hook or calls-to-action, and educating attendees about your company’s products and services.

And – never forget that everything you put out into the world – including tradeshow flyers – are working toward brand development. The goal is to create the best, eye-catching tradeshow flyer that also aligns with your brand’s image, personality, and energy.

Here’s how to do it:

Work with experienced tradeshow graphic designers and printers

Tradeshows are unique beasts, and they require an industry-experts unique approach. To keep your posters on point with your brand, as well as current tradeshow trends, work with graphic design and printing teams with years of tradeshow experience under their belts.

Then, meet with more than one to get a sense of their company, their team, and how they work. Each business has its own style and personality, just as your brand does. You’re looking to find a printing company that resonates with your brand and your team, and that boasts a tradeshow portfolio that impresses you.

Visual pop (good) vs. Outrageous (bad)

This is a delicate but essential balance to strike. Yes, you want all of your tradeshow flyers and brochures to stand out – but if they are too outrageous and whacky, it won’t strike the right chord either. Therefore, seek out bold and attractive colors that either compliment or contrast with your current logo and company color scheme, but that aren’t overly exotic or showy.

We recommend visiting our post, Psychology of Colors in Marketing Materials to help you identify colors that enhance the impact or feel your posters have in relation to the information they present. For more basic information about colors and their relationships with one another (compliments, contrasts, etc.), visit’s page explaining Basic Color Theory.

Work with fonts that are easily legible

The most creative slogan in the world will fall on glazed eyes if it isn’t printed in an easy-to-read font. In some cases, the font your brand adopted for its logo and website might be just the ticket to continue developing brand recognition. In other cases, your gorgeous script-style font that homage to your brand’s homey, warm vibe may require some adjustment for easier scanning by quick-moving eyes – eyes already bombarded with ample tradeshow imaging and verbiage.

Interested in learning more about which fonts work best for readers’ eyes? Study our Top 10 Easy-to-Read list and start playing around with your favorites.

Get punchy with headlines

And, by “punchy” we mean short, essential words and phrases that entice the reader in a mere millisecond. Your big, bold title will either hook tradeshow attendees and compel them to continue reading or trigger the visual equivalent of a webpage bounce. Feel free to ask questions or get slightly edgy as both approaches tend to incite further inquiry from a reader.

Don’t forget about images and other graphic enhancements

As you know, pictures are worth thousands of words – and can convey your message quicker and more easily than words. Your consultation with a local printer with tradeshow experience is the ideal format for exploring a variety of ideas. While a single picture might suffice, you may find a quick infographic is a more compelling way to convey key data points instantaneously. Similarly, a simple cartoon frame or three can be a way to add messaging, imaging and humor to your flyers and brochures.

Based on things such as what the flyers are promoting, where they’ll be posted or handed out, and required logos or verbiage, we’ll help you distill imaging ideas – and we’ll help you to comply with current ADA laws and recommendations.

Have you considered a texture?

The sad reality is that most tradeshow flyers wind up in paper recycling or a trash bin. By getting a bit creative with texture, you may give your flyer have a longer life cycle. For example, targeting particular flyers to prospects at various points in their buying cycle allows you to spend more on higher-quality paper for those you’ve identified as “bottom-of-the-funnel” prospects or “soon-to-be-buyers,” saving run of the mill paper flyers for the bulk of the “lookie-loos” and passersby.

Some companies go big and invest in recycled and/or compostable paper options (a great move if green or ecofriendliness is part of your brand image). Using embossing or other, texture-based printing techniques also makes for a more tactile experience, which means your flyer may last longer in the hands of the recipient.

Use display racks

Finally, make sure you’ve created an eye-catching way to display your tradeshow flyers and brochures. Using display racks provides more elevation as well as visual square footage, making your flyers more visible to people in the front row, as well as the back, as well as those who are enticed by your catchy flyer headline…

The team here at Speed Pro East Bay has helped with Bay Area companies, small and large, as they prepare for upcoming tradeshows. Schedule a consultation, or give us a call at (510) 298-0699), and allow our team to facilitate the creation of extraordinary tradeshow flyers, brochures, signage, and schwag for your next big event.