If you’re a small business owner, the wake of the Coronavirus shelter-in-place protocols can feel like a violent assault. However, some creative and forward-thinking responses can keep your business afloat and successful. The key is to create clear, attention-grabbing signage that informs customers and prospects that you are still in business. 

Use Signage to Keep Your Business Thriving in the Wake of the Coronavirus

While website and social media engagement are important, so is updated signage. Business signageincluding banners, windows, and posters adorning brick-and-mortar stores, lets customers know you are going strong and aim to serve.  

Timely signage should also be informative, covering new or specific protocols for how clients can take advantage of existing or new service options that accommodate sheltering-in-place. 

While your bottom line is crucial, so are your employees’ bottom lines. Your ability to rise above the current situation, finding new and better ways to reach your customers – or to carve out a new niche! – will yield exponential benefits for yourself, your employees, and your loyal customer base. 

Here are some examples: 

Signage for Healthcare Facilities

New signage is critical for healthcare facilities to protect the health and wellbeing of patients, employees and the public-at-large. Your signage needs are a top priority for local printing companies like ours, and we’ll do all we can to rush orders to ensure you have what you need ASAP.  

Your signage aims to accomplish the same core goals as your healthcare facility and the CDC. 

  1. Reduce morbidity and mortality 
  2. Minimize disease transmission 
  3. Protect healthcare personnel 
  4. Preserve healthcare system functioning  

And, of course, the added goals of personalization via attending to your target market(s) and providing facility-specific information Thoughtfully designed signs can support all of the above via visibility, legibility, and sizing them correctly for viewers’ attention.  

In addition to instructions regarding protocol for parking, registering, waiting in line, hand washing, visiting restrictions/limitations etc., healthcare signage improves efficiency and flow. Clear signage directs patients exactly where they need to be and what to do once they get there. 

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Examples include: 

  • Multilingual and ADA-compliant signage 
  • Directional signage for parking lots, departments, walking paths, markers for waiting in line with respect to 6-foot+ social distancing, to sanitizing and handwashing stations, etc.  
  • Parameters for  
  • Temporary signage to cover existing signage to accommodate new COVID-19 usability 
  • Signs directing clinic visitors 
  • Posters explaining extended respiratory precautions 
  • Restricted access signs 
  • Any signs personalized to your facility and its needs 
  • Custom pop up tents for outdoor stations 

SpeedPro is here to facilitate the design, printing and delivery (or shipping) for all of your facility, inpatient and outpatient signage. 

coronavirus sign

We’re Here For You! Use Banners to Announce You’re Still in Business

Right now, customers may assume you’re shut down temporarily, or that you can’t do business as usual. Your large format, colorful banners will let them know you are open for business – even if it’s not quite “as usual.” 

If your business has created a new modus operandi, use banners to announce, “We’re here for you – and we’ve got your back,” while directing customers to your website or Facebook page for further information on current business practices. 

Using banners to shout you’re open from the rooftops is a positive ray of light for many. Visit our post on How to Use Banners for ideas and tips on ensuring they comply with local CC&R or city guidelines. 

Let Window Graphics Speak For You

Have you noticed how many people are out there taking walks and riding bikes? Your window graphics speak to both drivers and those on foot or pedal, letting them know you’re open and how they can take advantage of your current or Coronavirus-inspired products and services. 

Directional Signs Should Point the Way

Have you altered the normal way of doing things to accommodate Coronavirus best-practices? Use directional signage to help customers know what to do and where to go. 

  • Are you opting to use only one door for entry and one for an exit? 
  • Do you have temporary sanitation stations? 
  • Have you relocated certain products to accommodate better social-distancing traffic flow? 
  • Are there new drop-off and pickup windows? 

People are operating on a shorter patience tether right now in response to fear, anger, and the upsets this pandemic has thrown their way. Your clear communication and instructions via directional signage help them to feel more competent and in control. 

Curbside Pickup Signs

Are you a business offering curbside pickup for customers? Take advantage of branded, curbside pickup signs that tell customers exactly where to go and what to expect. 

curbside pick up a-frame  

Delivery Magnets and Decals

Have you started – or augmented – your delivery fleet? Let the world know by taking advantage of delivery magnets and decals. 

Not sure you want to permanently alter the exterior of delivery vehicles via wraps? Have custom-printed, heavy-duty magnet signs made up. You and employees can stick them to the exterior doors or panels of your cars and trucks and can remove them again without a single nick, scratch, or ding when deliveries (and/or the shelter-in-place mandates) are complete. 

yard signs

Celebrate a special 2020 milestone like a graduation, anniversary, birthday or holiday with custom yard signs. Or, simply show thanks and gratitude with a special yard sign to thank the heroes of today.

graduation yard signs                                                               birthday signs

special occasion

thank you yard sign

SpeedPro East Bay has been authorized an Essential Critical Infrastructure Business authorized to support other Essential Businesses. If you are not an authorized Essential Business, we can still support you using our work-from-home guidelines.  From posters, flyers, and magnets, to large format printing – the team here at SpeedPro is ready to help your business ride this unpredictable wave with grace and sound business sense. Contact us online, or by phone (510) 298-0699, to learn more about how we can serve you and your clientele.