coronavirus custom yard signs

As we look around our beloved Bay Area and see how much the world has changed, it is hard to believe that COVID-19 sheltering-in-place is only several months old. It feels like it has been years since we’ve eaten inside of our favorite restaurants or shopped at our local grocery stores without having to remember our masks.   

As the numbers climb higher, the need for Coronavirus custom yard signs and other informational materials grows along with them.  

Whether you are a business owner who is trying to find the simplest and most affordable way to advertise policies with respect to ever-changing mandates, or you are a homeowner who wants to help unite the community, we have plenty of ideas and inspiration for effective, COVID-19 yard signs. 

If you are a business owner, we also recommend visiting our page on Coronavirus Signage. 

Choose the Right Yard Sign to Be Effective 

One of the challenges of navigating our new COVID-19 era is to remain flexible as the state and various counties continue to change and alter Coronavirus protocols. That’s what makes yard signage so effective.  

Smaller, more easily changed, and affordable to produce, these portable signs can be moved around or altered as needed more easily than other, permanent sign options. 

Examples of yard signs include: 


Single- and double-sided banners are affordable, lightweight, and can be easily changed out depending on your business’s needs. Read our post, When To Use Banners, for ideas on how banner signs can support your business and keep customers uplifted and/or informed. 

Sandwich boards 

Sandwich boards are hot items right now, especially for businesses that have had to change how customers interact with their employees, to direct traffic inside and outside of the store, and for restaurants to orient customers to new or expanded outdoor eating areas.  

If your business is no longer “open” to foot traffic, sandwich boards are a colorful and appealing way to keep customers engaged, letting them know how they can contact you or whether you’re offering online sales options. 

Traditional coronavirus custom yard signs and lawn signs 

Yard and lawn signs are those signs typically devoted to political campaigns or to advertise a particular contractor, landscape company, or security company that is servicing the home or building. They consist of metal stakes that are easy to pound into a lawn or planter bed, along with tough, corrugated plastic or similar material that retains its shape, color, and design – even in the presence of heavy sun or inclement weather. 

These days, we are getting larger-than-normal orders for traditional yard and lawn signs, one of the most popular small format printing options.  

What’s unique about this year is that we’re increasingly designing signs for homeowners and renters, rather than the regular business owners. Home and apartment dwellers are getting increasingly creative around connecting with the public, their local community, and honoring rites of passage for their loved ones now that we aren’t able to gather in larger numbers. 

Need a Little Inspiration? 

Signs are colored, designed, and logoed with respect to your business or your personal preferences. Some of the most common COVID-19 signage/lettering we’re asked to print include things like: 

  • Thank You for Trusting Us in These Trying/Challenging/Interesting Times (Company Name) 
  • Please Wear Your Mask and Respect Social Distancing (6 feet apart!) 
  • We’re All In This Together! (followed by customized text if desired) 
  • (Company Name) Our Customers Are the Heart of This Business 
  • Yes! We are Open (followed by any special instructions or recommendations) 
  • Due to COVID-19, We Have Different Hours (followed by new days/times) 
  • For Questions Regarding How Coronavirus Has Changed Our Business Visit Our Website (followed by website address and other relevant social media or contact information) 
  • Thank You (Healthcare Workers!) (First Responders!) (Law Enforcement!) For All You Do 
  • Happy Birthday! Or Anniversary! Or Retirement! (with photos, names, graphics, or other fun add-ons ) 
  • Maintain Your Distance (6 feet between other shoppers) to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 
  • Take-Out/Drive-Thru/Delivery/Curbside Service 
  • Please Wait in Your Car & Give Us a Call When You Arrive (followed by phone number) 

But, of course, you can get creative as you want. Or, if you have a particular message you’d like to communicate but aren’t sure how, our experienced designers can help you get the wording, images, and/or graphics just right. 

Coronavirus Custom Yard Signs Are Easy to Refresh and Enliven 

For some businesses, yard signage is one of the only ways to connect with customers, especially if your business has been stymied by COVID-19 and you want to remain connected. Printing multiple messages on yard signs and changing them daily, or weekly, to refresh and enliven your landscape makes a statement that you are actively doing all you can to connect with the public and keep them informed. 

Are you looking for COVID-19 custom yard signs to enhance your business landscape and to keep customers and prospects informed (and inspired!)? Contact us here at SpeedPro East Bay and we’ll get our creative minds at work for you.