common uses for retractable banners

Banners are a great way to attract attention to your business or the latest and greatest product and service offerings. And, while it is one thing to hang a banner outside your brick-and-mortar store or adjacent signs posts, it is not so easy when it comes to carrying these large signs out and about town, or setting them up once you get to your destination. 

Retractable banners, also called pop-up banners, are an efficient, space-saving solution. They’re easy to carry and just as easy to set up, whether you’re presenting at an indoor meeting or conference or manning a booth at the local vendor fairs or tradeshows.  

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What is a Retractable (Pop-Up) Banner? 

Before we go into some of the most popular uses for retractable banners, let’s delve into what a pop-up banner is. 

Traditional Flat-fold vs Retractable banners 

Banners have been used for centuries as a way to build a visible presence. Printed on softer, malleable materials that can be rolled or folded, they offer a short-term way to advertise or draw attention to a business and its products and services. Until recently, these portable signs were considered flat-fold models – able to be folded between usage, and relatively easy to store.  

One of the downfalls of standard “flat-fold” banners is that creases tend to develop in the normal fold locations over time, and this can diminish the integrity of the printing. Also, depending on the size of your banners, or the number of banners you use at a particular event, flat fold banners can be cumbersome to carry around and set up. If you don’t store flat-fold banners in a storage container, they are also prone to dust and general corrosion over time. 

Retractable banner options are designed similar to retractable slide projection screens. The flexible material rolls up in the hard, lightweight shell that also serves as its carrying case and stand. Once you’ve put the banner where you want it, you simply unroll and extend the banner from its case. 

Banners are available with a range of features, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor material options 
  • Double-sided prints 
  • Photo image or graphic design options 
  • Multiple sizes 
  • And more 

Your local large format printer can walk you through the best options for your banner style and use. 

5 of the Most Common Uses for Pop-Up Banners 

The following are some of the most common uses for pop-up banners.


Replace your arsenal of tradeshow display banners with retractable options. It makes loading and unloading a cinch, and exponentially reduces your setup time. Once your banners are fully extended, their lightweight and portable features make them easy to move around as needed. 

In addition to being an eye-catching lure for passersby, retractable tradeshow banners can be artfully angled or lined up to direct traffic or divide one booth area from another. Don’t forget about LED lighting options to illuminate banners in low-lit areas or for nighttime displays.


Similarly, pop-up banners work well to attract attention and share information about important speakers, events, or to indicate which areas are in use (or not) at any given time. Banners can be moved around as needed and easily set up with only a moment’s notice. Retractable banners can also be used to dress up a boring stage or conference room with color, graphics, images, etc.

Community fairs and events

Attending community fairs and events is one of the best ways to spread brand awareness in your area. For smaller events, a single retractable banner or two, paired with your fold up table cover, are all you need to advertise who you are and how you benefit prospects and clients.  

Don’t forget to include URLs and QR codes that give new customers a discount or to take advantage of specific rewards for learning more about you. Finally, you can use directional banners to guide prospects your way, using fun, clever, and engaging images or sayings that hook attendees’ interest.


Will your company or a spokesperson be delivering a presentation in the near future? Don’t’ forget to send him/her with retractable banners. They take only seconds to set up but work the entire time the presenter holds the stage, ensuring your company’s logo, brand, or other relevant information is forming a memorable, visual imprint on the audience. 

Pop-up banners are also helpful to display tools for presenters who’ve been traumatized in the past by collapsing tripod stands, easels, or less stable foam board installations. Structurally-sound retractable banners are durable and can stand up to the demands of the road and multi-venue set-ups without taking a beating.

Draw customers into your business with retractable banners

Whether your business is located in a mall, shopping center, or a busy downtown street, you deserve a satisfying ROI on your investment. Retractable banners are a great way to get the attention of passersby and compel them to step in and take a look around. Use pop-up banners to advertise current promotions, trending products/services, or other compelling offers. They are also a smart way to spread the word if you’re re-branding or are revamping your current logo or signage.

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