Summer events are the best time to position your brand front and center and grab the attention of your local customer base.

Most summer events focus and share, music, visual arts or crafts, dance, theater, film, food, and more. Music festivals are one of the most popular events that have a lot of attendance. According to Billboard, more than half of Americans attend a live music event each year, and among those music goers, 66 percent also attend a free outdoor community event that showcases music.

Additional there are a ton of sporting and athletic events like, your local Little League or youth soccer tournaments, runoffs, and more; which all have a large crowd of supports and participants.

All of these popular events give an opportunity for local businesses to reach out and take advantage of marketing themselves to their existing and future customers. Businesses can accomplish this successfully by expertly designed outdoor marketing displays.

Here are some focus points to keep in mind as you add the final touches to your summer event marketing strategy:

catch the eye of the community with your outdoor displays

The community attends these events because they are of importance to them. For example, a study from the National Endowment for the Arts found roughly half of all outdoor arts festivals take place in towns with more or less than 250,000 residents.

Most of these events take place in plazas, parks, and streets, with event organizers that work hard to make the areas family-friendly and an easy place to get to. Majority of these events happen during the summertime when kids are out of school and parents are more likely to go out to these local events.

Do giveaways

Giveaways are a good way to get people to come to your booth. When deciding on the items you’re giving away, keep in mind your potential audience. Kids are often the key to what gets parents to check out your display, so giving away stuff that appeals to both children and teens works great.

Meanwhile, you can bring more people to your spot at athletic events by giving out branded water bottles and offering some quick grab and go snacks to keep attendees hydrated and energized.

When you decide what you’ll offer to bring in potential customers at an event, it’s just as important to have the right display for goers to stop by.



Outdoor displays are an important part of summer events. There are many displays to choose from: tents, banners, flags, bars and counters, sidewalk signs, etc. All of these are great ways to catch the attention of event attendees and your existing customers’ attention. Most importantly, the display you choose should be used as a mechanism to help you achieve a specific business goal.

Here are a few examples:

Build Brand Awareness

Most festivals are yearly events that have been running for several years, to even a decade or more. To make sure your brand gets the spotlight compared to other businesses, it’s important to grab the attention of passerby with a great outdoor display. An easy and big display to use is a standard 10 or 20-foot popup tent that creates an area that welcomes people to get out of the sun. Within your tent, you can cover a full wall or half that showcases your business’s logo on display, which will help event-goers remember your business when they leave the festival area. They’ll leave with the thought of visiting and going to your business’s actual location.

Promoting a Product or Service

During the festival, you can offer exclusive first access to your business’s newly released product or new service that is coming out. You can give a 20%  coupon to use on their first or next visit to coming and making a transaction at your location whether it’s a car dealership, print shop, clothing store, or even a restaurant. If you offer a service, give out sign-ups for your specialty free service or consultation. you’ll be able to showcase the latest and greatest products and services your business does. Additionally, you may consider promoting the exclusive product or service that is offered at your primary business location with a sidewalk sign, telling your current customers to visit your display at the event to have the chance to add a discounted service to their plan.

Give Customers an Experience

Make your booth the booth for customers to have an experience. Doing giveaways are standard but allowing event-goers to come to your booth and do an activity, will have them leaving your booth with a memory to recall your brand and the feeling of happiness, whether they ate food, created art or play a game. There are many other ways to create a branded experience as well with lawn games to even a photo booth, these all are a great way to get event-goers to come by your booth.

While giveaways are a standard for most summer events, you may consider setting up an outdoor display that encourages attendees to interact with your brand. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to experiential marketing. For example, you can give event attendees a chance to work on their bags – or corn hole – skills by setting up branded boards in front of your tent or other display. This way, attendees won’t just remember your brand, they’ll associate it with a fun experience. There are countless ways to create branded experiences with lawn games and other outdoor activities that are sure to motivate event-goers to stop by.

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