Banners may be one of the simplest forms of signage but they don’t have to be dull. With our many different banner material and finishing options we’re sure to have a solution for you.

double-sided banner

Do you need a banner that will turn heads not only from the front but also the back? Our custom double-sided banner printing can do exactly this. At SpeedPro East Bay, we have specialty 18 oz banner that can be printed on both sides and it provides blockout to avoid being able to see through to the other side. For a two-sided banner that is durable and has great quality, we’ve got the solution.

indoor banner

If you’re looking for an indoor and/ or temporary banner, we have a 13 oz banner perfect for the job. Our standard finishing for indoor vinyl banner is a taped hem along with grommets every two feet. However, if you need a pole pocket on the top or bottom, we can do custom finishes as well. Whether printed one color or full color, your indoor banner will make an impact and last for years to come with proper care.

mesh banners

Banners are a great solution for indoor or outdoor use but when the winds are high, how do you avoid damage? This is where outdoor mesh banner can come in handy. Don’t “damage” your banner or take away from the graphic by putting huge wind slits in the center of your message. Instead, turn to large mesh banners for the solution. Whether looking for a fence banner, building banner, or construction fence banner, our 9 oz mesh will help resist the wind every time.

outdoor banners

Are you having an event outdoors or looking for large outdoor advertising banners? Well, look no further. Our custom outdoor banners can help to make a Great. Big. Statement. and get in front of your target audience with durability and vibrancy. No matter what size you’re looking for, our 18 oz. can withstand environmental conditions. If you’re located on a highway and want to advertise on the side of your building, consider large outdoor banners as an option. They’re affordable and you can customize any message.

pole banners

For custom pole banners that will line your streets, campus, stadium, or entryway, we have a solution. Just as we use for our other outdoor banners, we’ll use our most durable 18 oz banner to guarantee longevity. Market your brand or event with custom pole banners to catch the eyes of passerby. Whether single-sided or double-sided pole banners, we’ll help you from design to installation.

retractable banners

When attending a tradeshow, a retractable banner stand will be an essential piece to your set up. These easy pull up banners come in various sizes and forms. Here are our most popular options that we offer.

Silverstep Retractable:

The silverstep banner stand has a wide aluminum base with adjustable feet to provide stability. It also has an aluminum pole that allows for easy adjustment so you’re not tied to one height. It also has a bungee cord inside which helps to keep the pole pieces together so you don’t lose one of them. These are also perfect for showrooms, Grand Openings, kiosks, or other retail locations. They come in the following sizes:

24″ wide x 85″ – 92″ high

36″ wide x 69″ – 92″ high

48″ wide x 69″ – 92″ high

60″ wide x 69 – 92″ high

Economy Retractable:

The economy retractable allows for easy set up and breakdown. The size options available are:

24″ wide x 80″ high

31.5″ wide x 80″ high

33.5″ wide x 80″ high

36″ wide x 80″ high


step & repeat banners

Everyone loves a good photo opportunity so stand out with your step and repeat backdrop at your next event. Want to really push your branding or your sponsor’s branding? A logo backdrop is the perfect solution to get exposure with every picture taken. We can customize any step and repeat to fit your needs. Whether it’s a banner backdrop or a fabric printed backdrop with hardware, we’ve got you covered. Our preferred backdrop is the RPL Fabric Pop Up. This is the perfect display option that is easy to assemble in just minutes. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that locks into place and comes with velcro hook and loop for interchangeable graphics. The frame is easy to collapse and comes with a carrying bag. The sizes include:

5′ wide x 5′ high

7.5′ wide x 5′ high

5′ wide x 89″ high

8′ wide x 89″ high

10′ wide x 89″ high

15′ wide x 89″ high

20′ wide x 89″ high

30′ wide x 89″ high

10′ wide x 10′ high

15′ wide x 10′ high

20′ wide x 10′ high

street banners

Cross street banners can help any community or business advertise for upcoming events and/or promotions. The banner sizes and finishes can vary based on the city specifications but we can help to meet all requirements. Whether it’s required to have wind slits, sewed webbing, grommets every 2′, and more, we can do it all to make your over the street banners stand out and capture the attention of pedestrians and commuters. If you’re not sure how to convey your message, we can help with design also to create custom street banners with an impact. Do you have an event that happens every year? Don’t bother printing a new banner every time. SpeedPro East Bay can print a patch with the new date and place it right over the old date on your existing banner to create a cross street banner like new.

Are you ready to get started on your custom banner today? Give us a call at 510-298-0699 or click here for a free consultation today.