Does your business suffer from bare window syndrome? If so, it’s time to consider large format printing and graphics on glass, which offers a variety of benefits for your brand, your business, and your brick-and-mortar location.

While we offer large format printing on glass for artists, offices and other unique applications, most businesses utilize an alternative and more affordable approach to produce an aesthetic of art on glass. This commercial approach uses the combination of graphic design, printing on adhesive vinyl (or selecting prefabricated versions) and cutting them out to specified dimensions.

It’s always best to contact a local, large format printer to discuss your vision and ideas so we can determine the best and most cost-efficient option for your needs.

Large Format Adhesive Printing on Glass

True Printing on Glass Requires an Artist’s Touch

Printing directly on glass is a remarkable technology, used most often in fine art installations and other artistic uses. The process renders a highly-customized and unique aesthetic, resulting in an image that is printed directly onto a glass surface. Printed glass is used most often by photographers, fine artists and in some office installations where unique, artistic images are desired.

The process requires specialized machinery, called a UV Flatbed. With this machine, we’re able to print on glass surfaces that are up to 8-feet wide and 2-inches thick. Are you a Bay Area artist or business owner who wants to explore the idea of printing directly on glass for your custom look? Contact SpeedPro East Bay to launch your project.

Otherwise, here are some of the benefits of using large format adhesive prints to enhance your glass fronts.

1. Branding worth a thousand words (or more!)

Brand recognition is essential to making your company’s products or services a household name, or at least a largely-recognized entity in the marketplace. While typical storefront signs and vehicle wraps are essential to the branding process, large format printing on windows or glass walls convert blank canvases into the prime, promotional territory.

Large Format Adhesive Printing on Glass

Large format printing is exceptionally versatile, so your professional printer can work with you to determine which words, images, photos, or messages will pack the most ROI for your buck. This could include:

  • Your company name and logo so it’s visible from passing traffic
  • Images of your target audience niche(s), helping your target market recognize themselves in your company
  • Key verbiage you want to have associated with your brand
  • Pictures or graphics that tell a story about your products/services
  • Website and contact information so passersby can contact you online, by phone or via social media

If your landlord and HOA allow window graphics, we highly recommend taking advantage of that and enlisting your windows to go to work for you via high-quality, window graphics.

2. Enjoy privacy without exclusion

Large Format Adhesive Printing on Glass

Heavily tinted windows are disconcerting because they create privacy and sun protection, but with an obvious message to the onlooker, “We don’t want you to see in here.” Privacy is essential, but window graphics offer the chance to gain privacy on the interior while remaining welcoming to passersby. Your window images also provide fodder for thought, interest, and a venue for informing and educating prospects. You can also use large format printing on glass or Plexiglas/acrylic installations for tradeshows where you’ll want a quieter or private demo or portable conference space in an attractive, brand-relevant way.

Within your office or business, large format window graphics can be used to provide brand-related imagery or to perk up the interior design with color, pattern, or a stunning mural. These can be custom-made for glass walls and partitions to provide privacy for those in an office or conference room while improving the interior landscape of the space. You have the option to custom-design images, or you can choose from a myriad of pre-printed options (frosted, patterned, reflective, sheer or opaque, etc.) that are cut to your specifications.

Click Here to view some examples of attractive privacy- and image-centered window graphics we produced for a Bay Area Professional Services firm.

3. Promote, promote and promote some more

Large Format Adhesive Printing on Glass

Window graphics are relatively inexpensive but do far more for spreading the word and communicating directly with prospects and clients than traditional, expensive newspaper, magazine or local TV advertising.

If your business is located in an area with plenty of visibility, let large format window graphics do the advertising work for you. They can be changed out seasonally or monthly, to accommodate your special offers and promos – keeping the content fresh.

4. Avoid the hassle of city permitting and fees

Large Format Adhesive Printing on Glass

Is your city, town or neighborhood cracking down on signage? It’s shocking how much paperwork – and permit fees – can be required to put up a simple sandwich board on the sidewalk in front of your business. And, for many small businesses, the sky-high rates required to rent advertising space on large billboards are unrealistic.

If your building has the right amount or window space, you can create a billboard-esque display for free, and without any permitting hassle, right on your own glass. You have the ability to notably increase revenue while simultaneously saving hundreds – or thousands – of dollars in billboard purchase or rental fees.

5. Enhance the view

The first four benefits were all about customers, but your company culture is just as valuable. If your company is located in a drab business park, in the industrial side of town, or stacked wall-to-wall in dense city blocks, the proverbial “office with a view,” may not have much of a view at all.

With the assistance of large format printing, and the incredibly precise printing technology available now, you can create lifelike naturescapes that are stunning. The result is an instant “aaaaah,” from the office, which improves your company culture and energy.

6. Creative directional signage

Thoughtfully planned out large format window graphics help with directional signage both inside and outside the building. There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at a new business and not knowing where to park, which door to enter, where the restrooms are or which departments are located where.

Direction-specific window graphics – both large and small format – are a solution, and easy visibility means your business is automatically more accessible, too.

7. Free your mind and think big – – real big

Perhaps one of the most fun and exciting aspects of large format printing paired with glass is that it allows your design team – and your printer’s – to think much bigger than usual. Marketing teams spend a fair amount of time figuring out how to get more information into smaller spaces and customizing the look they want to the limiting dimensions of mobile gadget screens, posters, mail-sized promotions, etc.

When you decide to wrap your glass or your building with large format printing, creation becomes limitless – and that leads to imaging, storytelling, promotions, and messaging that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Of course, the quality of your large format printing on glass or any other materials is 100% dependent on the quality of your printing studio. Are you in the market for large format printing and window graphics? Contact the team here at SpeedPro East Bay online, or give us a call at510-298-0699. Our studio has decades of experience – and plenty of portfolio examples – that qualify us for the job. We can’t wait to think and dream big with you!