6 reasons your company needs a backdrop

Is your business optimizing the “Three Bs” of large format printing options – billboards, banners, and backdrops?  

While we’ve written about billboards and banners, we feel like backdrops are one of the most underutilized business enhancements you can use to promote who you are, add ambiance or decor, or to bring a little more of your brand into the world at large. 

What is a Backdrop? 

Backdrops are exactly what you’d think they might be – large, wall-sized, malleable prints of whatever you’d like them to display. You may be most familiar with backdrops in the form of photo backdrops for social events, red carpet promotions, and the like. However, backdrops can do far more than frame a nice snapshot for bigwigs and attendees.

Here are 6 ways your company can benefit from bringing backdrops into the mix:

Show off The Good, while hiding The Bad & The Ugly

Is your brick-and-mortar store in the process of a notable renovation? Is it located in a basic strip mall or commercial space without a lot of interior decors to speak of? Are you restaging or reorganizing a section of your store or office? Do you need to move forward with a soft or grand opening, despite the fact that the contractors are behind schedule? 

Having a backdrop means the ability to keep customers focused on the good while hiding “the bad” and “the ugly” behind well-positioned backdrops. They can be used and moved around to hide anything that detracts customers and prospects from enjoying their experience in your storefront or business space.

Your Company Needs A backdrop in lieu of permanent window or architectural signage

We’re huge fans of optimizing window spaces to build brand recognition and show off what your company does best. That said, window signage doesn’t always make sense. If your rental agreement or lease prevents window graphics, your backdrops can do the same job without touching the glass.  

If you’re a business owner who tailors products, services, or promotions on a monthly or seasonal basis, creating timeless backdrops allows you to use your window spaces to that purpose, without continual investment.  

The same is true for the interior or exterior walls of your building. While architectural signage is trending right now, it may not be an option for you depending on your lease agreement or for a more temporary space. In that case, your backdrop(s) can be used the same way wall-sized architectural signage would be, without leaving any marks behind.

Set the stage at your next tradeshow

Backdrops are an ideal addition to tradeshow booth displays or to set the tone at your next demonstration. They are easy to set up and take down and their infinite potential means you can create any environment you want. From the simple addition of your brand’s logo, motto, and colors to the ability to produce precise images of any location in the world – or even a cosmic photo – your backdrop can help you set the stage with any theme of your choosing.

Bring them to red carpet and corporate events

Hosting a red carpet or corporate-level event? Give attendees a reason to pause and snap a photo by providing a captivating backdrop – or three – to choose from. If there’s any way you can capitalize on attendees’ selfie- and photo ops, create backdrops that give them a place to take a great picture, with a catchy or entertaining background, while simultaneously adding some brand-relevant visuals. 

Also, when it’s your turn to shine as a keynote speaker or presenter, make sure you have a backdrop that helps to focus audience members on you and your speech or demo, rather than the typically drab walls and neutral colored stages so typical of conference/event rooms, and large speaking venues.

Make it all about you

While backdrops can be used to transport your display into another image-specific location (under the ocean, at the top of Mt. Everest, or in the middle of a tropical rainforest, they can also be as straightforward as you like. In fact, in some cases, the simplest backdrop is the best one because it provides the eye with a less-is-more, soothing place to rest amidst a forest of competing backdrops, booth displays, or a competitors’ too-busy marketing visuals.  

If you are working to attract a new market niche, you want your brand’s logo and key messaging points to be front and center. In that case, your backdrop can be as simple as a single color and your company’s name printed multiple times. If you’re introducing a new product or service, use the benefits of a large format backdrop and large fonts to make key information as scannable as possible.

To hold space while you are rebranding

Are you in the process of rebranding, including the creation of a new logo and updated images and graphics? Rebranding is often the next best step to growing your brand bigger than ever, but that all takes time. In the midst of having new permanent signage installed, use backdrops and banners to temporarily set the stage as you get current customers and prospects familiar with the brand new you.

Your Company Needs A Backdrop and we can help

SpeedPro East Bay has produced hundreds of backdrops and large format banners for companies around the Bay Area. We’d love to show you some of the ways our clients’ companies have benefitted from adding backdrops into their marketing mix. Contact us to learn more.