With millions of businesses in such close proximity, being the owner of one in the San Francisco Bay Area can be highly competitive. You may find yourself asking “What is the best way to reach my target audience?” The possibilities are endless when it comes to advertising whether it be print or digital but not every option is effective. There are also some that are extremely expensive. One advertising strategy that’s not particularly new but is definitely being revamped is fleet wraps and graphics. Here are 6 ways that using fleet wraps and graphics can be useful to you and your company.


1. There are different options available

A fleet can be as little as three all the way up to hundreds of vehicles and if you have just one vehicle, we’ll help with that too! Any size business can find wraps and graphics beneficial especially with the different options that are available for every budget. Some types of vehicle wraps include:

  • Full Wrap: A full wrap covers the vehicle entirely from the hood to the roof and back to the bumper. These are going to be the biggest eye-catching option especially if the graphics are designed with a bold look and color.
  • Partial Wrap: These just cover a portion of the vehicle but can still cover the most important and attention-grabbing parts. This option may not be as visually noticeable from all sides, however, graphics on the back and sides will still get the job done.
  • Spot Graphics: Spot graphics are going to be the simplest version of vehicle graphics. This would be more like decals where you incorporate just a logo and phone number on the doors and back.
  • Specialty Vinyl: Specialty vinyl options will be mostly used for color changes. These can be matte, chrome, and sometimes carbon fiber.

2. There are many benefits

  • Reach More People: On average, commuters spend about 42 hours per year in traffic. That’s a lot of time in a car and when you’re on a highway, what else do you have to look at besides other cars? Vehicle wraps also have the ability to reach 95 percent of the population especially when they’re paired with another form of advertising. This means if you have a vehicle wrap and a digital campaign, you’re already more effective than you would have been with just digital efforts alone.
  • Create Brand Recognition: Getting people to see your ad for the first time is the initial challenge. The next step is getting them to remember your brand and graphics so that they’ll recognize you in the future and when they need your service. Vehicle wraps are 15 times more likely to increase people’s recognition.
  • Inspire Action: Vehicle wraps push people to action whether it’s while they’re in traffic and remembered that quote that they needed to get for construction work on their house or if they go online when they get home and look you up. Either way, almost 60 percent of people will search online after seeing a vehicle wrap advertisement.
  • They Cost Less: Vehicle wraps can actually cost less than other advertising methods. The cost per 1,000 impressions for a newspaper or print ad can be more than $30, for network TV during primetime is about $25, and for radio can be around $10. However, for a vehicle wrap, it can be just about 77 cents!
  • Protect Your Vehicle: Believe it or not, vinyl on a vehicle can actually protect your car underneath. The material itself is weather resistant and in a couple of years when you decide to change the graphics, the paint under is good as new.

3. you can still track THE PERFORMANCE OF FLEET WRAPS

We’ve mentioned a couple of statistics so far but how do you know that your vehicle wrap is effective and turning heads? One way of going about this is to use GPS tracking to track where your wrapped vehicles are going and which routes are taken. Knowing this information then gives you access to compare that with the traffic data for those routes which will give you an idea of how many people saw your mobile advertisement. You can also simply ask customers each time they make a purchase, how they found your company.

4. They’re effective

Don’t believe it? Here are a couple of examples. The earliest example of effective vehicle wrapping took place in 1993 by PepsiCo. Their plan was to paint six buses with their logo but this painting project would have taken up to six weeks to complete, leaving the company down six vehicles for more than a month. When PepsiCo learned that they could wrap the buses with vinyl instead and it would only take a few days, it was a no brainer. This process takes even less time now as one vehicle can be wrapped in a matter of hours.

Another example comes from the Los Angeles Opera. In efforts to promote their 2007-2008 season, the company installed vinyl wraps to tanker trucks and then sent them out on the busiest highways in LA for up to 20 hours per day all throughout the week. GPS units tracked the vehicle’s positions every 15 minutes and learned how frequently the ads were viewed.

Some companies also hire regular people to wrap their vehicles with branding and promotions paying them around $500 to $800 just to drive around and spread their message. Companies like Tide, Red Bull, and Jamba Juice have done this over the years.

5. they’re customizable

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your vehicle fleet wraps is what the design will be. You’ll want to be sure to get your company’s message across while also not bombarding people with information overload.

When designing a vehicle wrap, less can definitely be more. If you have a sprinter van or trailer to cover, you don’t have to cover the entire thing with information. Stick to a limited color palette, typically something that corresponds with your logo and then put the most essential information on that. You’ll want to include your phone number, website, logo, and possibly an e-mail or address. Make a big and bold statement with large graphics rather than lettering. Let your wrap speak for itself and engage them first, then give them everything they need to know.

If you’re ready to get started with your vehicle fleet wrap project and learn how they can help your business, give us a call today at (510) 298-0699 to request a consultation.