Summer is still heating up which means more crowds for business. Make your business the place for people to go to by spreading brand awareness to your surrounding community. Here are 5 ways you can get people in your area to come in and check out your business.



Banners are an easy way to spread brand awareness. Banners can easily be hung in front of your location, or pinned to a wall. They are easy to read and come in all different shapes and sizes. They are very functional as they can be taken down, reused, and stored away. You can hang them on tables, fences, and canopies.


Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are a great way to bring people if your sidewalks are always filled with people. Sidewalk signs are easy to spot and customers pass them while walking pass your business. Plus customers are walking directing facing them as there is no need for customers to turn left or right to see a sidewalk sign. Sidewalk signs can easily be folded, moved, and used on the sidewalk in front of your business, to even being used at tradeshows to direct people to your booth.



Go big or go home with monument signs. These signs are rememberable and impactful signs. People walking, biking and driving by will see these signs when they are far and close. Monument signs also work as a landmark that marks where your business is located.


Vehicle Wraps

Getting your business’s vehicle wrapped is the highest form of mobility. Drive your vehicle and bring awareness of your brand to not only your local community but to different people, and different cities.


Window Graphics

Make your windows loud, welcoming, and informative. Getting your business’s windows wrapped can promote your brand’s products, services, and specialties. Everyone who passes by your business will look at your windows and be eager to come in.


Whether you’re looking to do banners, sidewalk signs, monument signs, or getting you vehical wrappesd or adding graphics to your windpows, contact the team at SpeedPro East Bay today to get started with your next project. Our team will help to make things easier with our experience and ideas. Bring in customers to share your products and services with.