Summer is coming and the weather is warming up which means it’s time for outdoor events and activities. This can be music festivals, makers faires, races, county fairs, street festivals, and more. These are all potential opportunities to connect with the local community and give your brand exposure. Whether you’re the person holding the event or simply participating, you’ll want to make an impression. The end goal is for these members in the community to become loyal customers of your business and this may be your only chance to wow them. Though this may seem to be challenging, it’s not impossible. Here are some ways to make your company unforgettable at the next outdoor event.


Your outdoor aesthetic can begin or end with a custom tent but it’s a must-have. Tents not only help to provide share for your staff who are working at these outdoor events but they also provide shelter for the public if it rains or if it’s just a super hot day where they need some cooling down. Having a tent will also help to define your space. You can either have a table floating in the outdoor space, or you can have a pop-up tent that sets you apart from the rest of the booths. If you want a simpler look, you can stick with just the custom tent. If you want to get a little more extravagant, there are side wall and back wall options as well. This will also help to define your space and direct traffic to the front of your booth rather than coming to you from all angles.

Custom tents can also be used just to market your brand. At outdoor events, you’ll see rows and rows of white tents that are usually the generic option available for venues. However, if you customize your tent with your colorful logo and other branding, it will definitely stand out. Investing in a custom tent is not the cheapest option, but if you’re using it year after year at outdoor events, it’s worth every penny.




Having a tent isn’t the only way to spruce up your space. You can also incorporate other decorative elements to give your brand more exposure that can be used for any event.

Flags: If you’re hosting the event, flags at an entryway are the perfect way to greet and direct your attendees. If you’re a vendor at an event, you can still maximize the usage of a flag whether it be a teardrop, feather shape, or blade, these have an especially festive feel that lines your booth.

Banners: Banners come in all different shapes and sizes. This can be a large banner welcoming attendees to your booth or a tabletop banner with additional information that isn’t overwhelming. Consider a retractable banner stand to make set up even easier. These don’t require hanging. Just pull up and you have your eye-catching graphic at hand.

Table Coverings: Table covers allow you to customize your set up with additional branding. It can include a table throw, a fitted table cover or just a small accent with your logo on a table runner.


Attendees may not remember every single thing at your event but they will remember how it made them feel. You’ll want to make sure that everyone has fun from children and adults to your staff. One thing to remember is to not take it too seriously. Smile and engage with people who visit your table. Sitting from time to time is okay but be aware. People will be more enticed to visit you if you are welcoming and standing in front of your booth rather than sitting behind it with your head down on your phone. Try to incorporate some kind of game that will create buzz and get people excited about visiting with you.

If you’re the organizer of the entire event, include activities and entertainment that will be fun for all ages, individuals, and families. Your ability to do this will rely on your budget but consider inviting local bands to perform live music. You’re helping them get exposure and they’re helping you attract more attendees. You can also include carnival games, a bouncy house, and photo backdrops for those Instagram lovers. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is for people to have fun and want to come back the next year.



Nobody likes to pass up free! Dazzle the public with branded freebies also known as promotional items and event swag. Remember though, just because people like free, doesn’t mean you can just give them anything. You’ll want to impress attendees and stand out rather than give them something generic that they’ll throw away once they get home. That’s a waste of money for you and they got no value from it. This can include stress balls, keychains, and pens.

Instead, give out items that people will actually use daily to remember you. For summer outdoor events, you can try out hand fans, plastic sunglasses, fabric tote bags/ beach bags, or water bottles. If your event is on an offseason, consider items that apply to your profession.


When people think of outdoor festivals and events, an immediate thought is the sight and smell of foods like funnel cakes, corndogs, kettle corn, and candy apples. Food brings people together so you want to have a good variety and have something for everyone.

You may want to provide free food for attendees but this can get costly very quickly and your budget may not allow for this. Fortunately, this isn’t the only food option. Outdoor events are the perfect opportunity to invite food trucks to participate. Food truck popularity is quickly growing and trendy so it’s a great way to get people talking. When you invite food trucks on site, the food won’t cost anything and your guests now have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Whatever your outdoor event may be, be sure to create custom event graphics that will not only capture the attention of event goers but also raise awareness of your brand. Partner with SpeedPro East Bay for quality graphics in a pinch. Our team has the expertise that is necessary to help you create graphics that will get you the best ROI while also wowing attendees. Our graphics are designed to last and be reusable over time whether it’s an outdoor event, an indoor convention or just your office. If you’re ready to get started with your summer event signage to make a bold impression, call us today at (510) 298-0699.