There are always new restaurants popping up in the San Francisco Bay Area and they find ways to capture the attention of hungry crowds. If you’re in a struggling battle between these “trendy” spots, it’s time to start considering new signage. The right kind of signage will help to draw in people and stand out from competitors as well as enhance your brand and marketing. The most difficult question is where do you start? What is the most effective kind of signage? Here are some design tips when it comes to your restaurant signage that’ll give it a little facelift.

A promotional sign should be designed to turn heads and generate excitement about your restaurant. How do you do that if other restaurants surround your business? It’s easier than you think — but it does take some planning and consideration. Here are design ideas that will make people eager to choose your restaurant over competitors.

1. choose eye-catching colors

One of the most important things you’ll have to think about when beginning the design of your graphics are the colors. Be mindful when choosing your colors and do a little bit of research. In our previous article about colors, you’ll learn what colors bring out which emotions. Red is really popular for restaurants however, if you’re a vegan or healthy shop, you’ll want to choose something along the lines of green. This symbolizes health and freshness. If you’re opening a burger joint, red or yellow will be great choices because they create urgency as well as warmth.

Taking the time to think about the color behind your logo will be worth it. Once you narrow it down to a couple of colors, think about the different combinations and the contrast that goes along with them. For example, you’ll want to put a dark color on a light background like red on white. This will help the text to stand out much easier and increase visibility. The same goes for placing a light color on a dark background like white on black.



2. Simplicity is key

You’ll want to keep your signage as simple and to the point as possible. Try to avoid visual clutter which can push away potential customers. Visual clutter makes it less than likely for a potential customer to remember your restaurant’s name/logo. Make sure people can easily interpret your signage with the 6-second rule; so they can see and read your signage easily within the first 6 seconds of looking at it.

So, for example, if you own a pizza restaurant called Pizza Pizza Pizza, keep the text simple to read with a background that is not busy and overwhelming.

Avoid cramming too many words in one space


3. Go Big or Go Home

Your restaurant’s sign should be large enough for someone driving by to see and read. A large sign helps to set the landmark of your location. Having a small sign outside is less likely to catch the eye of people passing. Remember to make sure your big sign is in an open space and not placed behind trees, bushes, lights or any other signage so that it is easily viewable.

4. negative space is ok

Negative space is a must when it comes to making sure a sign in readable. Allow your text/logo on your signage to breath and be readable by viewers. If the border of your signage is too close to the text, it will be harder for the customer to read it. If there is a lot of texture surrounding your text remove or condense it to give breathing space for readability.

5. easy to read type

The typeface for signage is very important in marking your restaurant name. Make sure to avoid decorative fonts and choose an easy-to-read sans serif fonts instead Do not use more than two different typefaces as it can be overwhelming to read.  Additionally, avoid italics, and making each letter capital because it can be hard for a reader to tell the separation of words.

Whether you’re an old restaurant looking to upgrade your signage or a new restaurant needing signage, contact the team at SpeedPro East Bay today to get started. Our team will help to make things easier with our experience and ideas. Engage your customers with bold signage that is sure to be remembered.