There are so many windows that people pass by and see. Think of the first thing people see when they look at a storefront; They see windows all around. Stop and think are you taking advantage of your windows? Windows can be used as an artistic and innovative display that improve your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should use window graphics and how they can benefit your business.

1.Promote Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a great way to familiarize the public with your brand. The name of your brand is more than just a name, it’s a place where people come for a specific service, product, food or experience. Logos and slogans can be applied onto windows and are a great way for people to recall your company and the core values that your brand stands on and delivers.

Covering your windows with graphics allow people who pass to see and recall your logo and brand. Which results in promoting brand awareness and invites them in having another option to have in their life.

2.Mark your location

Not only do window graphics bring brand awareness, they mentally mark a visual point of where your business is located. Graphics on your window also bring the attention of customers to your location. You can go bug with marking your window with graphics, Graphics that are only shown at your business. Original graphics are the best graphics to use instead of generic artwork, make sure to work with a graphic designer/artist to bring attention to your brand.

Some may say they already have a fascia sign out front or above their door but window graphics are more customizable and can be changed every season or month with different graphics.


3. Inform visitors where the entrance is

Leading visitors to the entrance of your business is a great way to use graphics. Customers may get lost and try to enter your building through a door that’s an emergency exit or because your location is very big; therefore there should be graphics of arrows/text directing them how to get in. This will prevent your customers from having a bad experience of embarrassment or aggravation. First visits are always a make it or break it for most customers. So start their experience on a good note filled with being welcomed and content.


4. Promote products and sales

When the season changes, so does the weather as well as the need for different products and services. Most businesses offer different promotions at different times of the year. Using window graphics that promote your new or best products with special promotions on them will increase the number of sales for your business. Studies show that sales and reduced prices items motivate people to come inside your business even when they were not planning to.


5. Privacy

Window graphics are a great way to add privacy in and out of your business. Perforated films are a one-way view that can be applied to your window so only customers or workers inside can see through the window to the outside. This is popularly used at gyms or office places. If you want viewers to be able to look through the window both ways but have limited sight, get frosted window graphics. These are perfect for meeting rooms and a settle way for light to shine in through windows. Another choice would a crystal film which allows vision to be blocked both on both sides of the windows.

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Window graphics are a great way to upgrade your business’s windows. Whether the graphics are big or small contact us to help you with the project. We provided high-quality materials with a great team that’ll go above your needs and expectations.