Owning a small business is no easy task, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where large corporations make their mark. It can be very difficult to set yourself apart from the rest and stand out above these big names. The key to this is visibility but how do you make this happen? Large-format graphics may not be the end all solution but it can definitely help. Here are 3 benefits that help you to stay ahead of the game with large format graphics in your small business.

1. There are no limits to what you can do

Unlike small format printing where you’re only grabbing the attention of someone very briefly with a brochure, business card, or postcard and can quickly get tossed in the trash and easily be forgotten,  large format graphics are in your face, unavoidable and can come in different forms. They also help to reinforce recognition. For example, if someone sees your vehicle wrap around town and then they happen to drive by your business and see your window graphics, they’ve now had exposure to you twice and will be more likely to remember who you are. Here are some other examples of ways that you can use this:

Wall Murals – Whether on the inside or outside of a building, maximize your image with high-end and vibrant wall mural graphics.

Elevator Wraps – If you’re part of a big building, advertising on an elevator can really help to get eyes on you. People stand in elevators for quite a bit of time and that’s enough to get your name and message out there.

Tradeshow Displays – Have you ever attended a tradeshow? If the answer is no, you’re missing out big time. This is a huge networking opportunity and if anything it’s just a great way to get people to see your booth and name making it easily recognizable.

Floor Graphics – With today’s technology, everyone is already looking down on their phones, Don’t miss your chance to be in their line of sight by advertising with floor graphics.

A-frames – Your small business may be located in a place where it’s not easy to find. Use A-frames as directional signage for people to find their way to you.

Point of Purchase Displays – Highlight your most valuable products and services by creating a specialized point of purchase to displays to really engage consumers.


2. they can boost your sales

About 60 percent of small businesses reported that large format printed graphics have boosted their sales by an average of 10 percent. Incorporating great, big, graphics into your business shows that you not only care about what it looks like but also gives you credibility and a more welcoming environment. Incorporating an Instagram worthy backdrop of graphics and text can take just one person posting it to create buzz. This can in return boost visits to your location and increase overall sales just by creating an experience with graphics.

Window graphics can also help to advertise a big sale, promotion, or new product that could potentially attract passerby. This can drive foot traffic into your business and also give the opportunity to really create graphics that people will remember.

3. take your brand to the next level

Large format graphics are set apart from other marketing methods simply because of their size. With your large format graphics, you certainly can’t be missed and have the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Vehicle wraps are the prime example of this. With their impressive ROI rate at just 0.04 per thousand views, they have an advantage over any other advertising medium. This “in your face” type of approach can also be very subtle. You can cover your vehicle with graphics that turn heads and have your most key information on it but people won’t feel like they’re being advertised to if you have the right design and message. By taking your marketing on the road, it helps get more eyes on you and your business. If you have several wrapped vehicles on the road, even better because the likelier people are to see it more than once.


Whether you’re looking to do a vehicle wrap, window graphics, tradeshow display, or wall mural, contact the team at SpeedPro East Bay today to get started with your next project. Our team will help to make things easier with our experience and ideas. Engage your customers with bold solutions and custom collateral that is sure to be remembered.